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Motoman ArcWorld II500
ArcWorld II500 Information

Two 180kg servo MHT-180 headstock / tailstock positioners provide the part positioning in the Motoman ArcWorld II-500 workcell. It is preassembled on a common platform and designed for easy setup. This cell contains a single robot that can perform continuous circumferential welds. Dual stations allow an operator to safely load and unload parts while the robot is welding at the other station.

The enclosure of the Arc World II-500 has easily accessible door controls and a total safety environment. Also included with the workcell is an integrated welding package and operator station. Two vertical doors on the from protect the operator while the robot is welding. Each door has a travel time of two seconds up or down.

An optional MHT-90 positioner has a 90kg payload and double the rotational speed of the MHT-180.

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Workcell Features
  • dual stations
  • easy setup
  • and increased productivity
Workcell Specifications
Robot any Motoman welding robot
Controller varies by robot
Operator Station Door up/down x2 sides, cycle start x2 sides, E-stop
Safety door interlock, e-stop, light curtains