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Motoman ArcWorld IV-6000
ArcWorld IV-6000 Information

The ArcWorld IV-6000 workcell features a trunnion-style positioner for high performance payload and heavy part capability. Coordinated motion software allows idle robot time by allowing the robot to weld while the positioner is rotating parts. The workcell layout is flexible enough to accommodate both standard and extended reach robot arms.

The ArcWorld IV-6000 configuration includes a single arm mounted on a pedestal. The ArcWorld IV-6200 has dual robots and the ArcWorld IV-6300 has a triple-robot configuration. Three positioners are available, all from the MRM2-M3X series. They carry 250-, 750- (HD), and 1200-kg (XHD) payloads. Index times are fast, ranging from 1.5, 2.25, and 3.25 seconds. All three positioners have a common structure, however the MRM2-1200M3X XHD has larger support structures on the ends.

ArcWorld IV-6000 Movies
Workcell Features
  • high-performance payload
  • heavy part capable
  • speeds up production
Workcell Specifications
Robot any Motoman welding robot
Controller varies by robot
Operator Station E-stop, illuminated push button cycle index, selector for auto/manual, alarm lamp
Safety door interlock, e-stop, light curtains