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Motoman ArcWorld IV-6000SL
ArcWorld IV-6000SL Information

The ArcWorld IV6000sl is a space-saving “slim line” positioner workcell that limits the width to one meter wider than the part span.  Offering incredible productivity and versatility, the ArcWorld IV 6000SL can be arranged in multiple robot configurations.

This workcell can be configured with the fast MA1440 arc welding robot, which can reduce cycle time by 15 percent or multiple robots can be combined for HyperProductivity®. These additional options can include the extended reach MA2010 or 7-axis VA1400 II welding robots.

Installation should be a breeze as the controller, power source, and auxiliary equipment ship on the same base. There are removable deck plates to help provide easier access to the cable routes and twist-lock connectors for all interconnecting cables. To help ease the layout and positive location even more, the positioned base and cell base bolt together, with leveling bolts with lag provisions.  There is also a sliding interlocked door in the back of the cell to help offer access for easier programming.

To ensure optimized safety, there is enhanced safeguarding, including a Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that is fully compliant with latest robot safety standard (ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012). Also, the workcell, robot, and positioned are covered by single warranty and industry-leading global service organization.

ArcWorld IV-6000SL Movies
Workcell Features
  • Space saving "Slim Line" positioner
  • Multiple robot configurations provide "HyperProductivity"
  • Enhanced safeguarding
  • Reduced cycle time
Workcell Specifications
Robots MA1440, MA2010, or VA1400 II
Payload capacity 755 - 1, 255 kg
Part span 2 - 3 meter
Fixture mounting MotoMount
Part turning diameter 1, 300 mm
Controller DX200