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Motoman ArcWorld IV-6300
ArcWorld IV-6300 Information

The Motoman ArcWorld IV-6300 workcell is a fully integrated arc welding solution.  This advanced workcell features a triple robot solution that includes a high-speed positioner for Hyper Productivity.  The Motoman EA1400N robots are compatible with this workcell, while the NX100 controller can control all three robots.  By keeping all three robots in one workcell, you are reducing footprint while increasing production.  The Motoman IV6300 will bring your arc welding solutions to the next level.

ArcWorld IV-6300 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Triple robot solutions
  • High-speed positioner for HyperProductivity
  • Feature "Expert Arc" welding robots
  • NX100 controller
  • Integrated welding package
  • High-speed 3-axis AC servo controlled
Workcell Specifications
Controller NX100
Application Arc Welding
Safety Light curtains and flexible mounting
Robots 3 Motoman EA1400N