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Motoman ArcWorld V-6000
ArcWorld V-6000 Information

Motoman's ArcWorld V series workcells utilize up to 44% less floor space by mounting the robots overhead. The ArcWorld V-6000 family of fully integrated robotic solutions features a high-speed positioner and two (AWV-6200) or three (AWV-6300) robots for HyperProductivity.

The ArcWorld V 6000 provides affordable, wire-to-weld solutions for high-volume, high-performance welding applications. ArcWorld V models feature the NX100 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software, integrated welding package, high-speed "ferris wheel" type positioner with three servo motor drives, operator interface, and total safety environment.

This total safety environment features: dual-channel safety-rated, tamper-resistant interlocks, complete barrier guarding; single point of operator control (for all robots), and dual-channel light curtains that are in compliance with the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard.

Depending on application requirements, the AWV-6000 series is available with two or three EA1400TN robots which are designed for overhead mounting. Dual or triple robot configurations double or triple your productivity.  The unique, integrated torch cable design of the EA-series "Expert Arc"  welding robots eliminates cable interference, making programming easier and reducing wear and associated cable maintenance downtime. EA-series robots are backed by the industry's only one-year torch cable warranty.

The MRM2-1200M3X part positioner features a 1,200-kg (2,646-lb) payload capacity per side, a 3-meter span (faceplate to faceplate), D-shaped tooling envelope, and three servo axes for high-speed positioning. It indexes in 3.25 seconds when fully loaded. The three-motor design allows the operator to jog the load axis or move to different pre-programmed load positions.

ArcWorld V-6000 Movies
Workcell Features
  • uses less floor space
  • Ferris-wheel positioner
  • easy programming
Workcell Specifications
Robot any Motoman welding robot
Controller varies by robot
Operator Station servo on, master job start, e-stop, robot hold, alarm reset, single push button cycle index
Safety door interlock, e-stop, light curtains