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Motoman RX Unit Pick Workcell
RX Unit Pick Workcell Information

The RX Unit Pick Workcell is a completely automated robotic pharmacy order fulfillment system that can handle thousands of specific, pre-packaged, medicine for mail order delivery or to fill for central locations. It comes complete with the robot, process automation equipment, vision, artificial intelligence, and safety equipment. 

The RX Unit Pick Workcell can handle units-of-use items that have a pre-packaged quantity of a prescribed drug, ready for dispensing, that only requires labeling.  It can pick prescriptions 25% faster than competitors with 100% verification.  The verification ensures that each item is recognized, ensures its unique National Drug Code (NDC), orients the item, and identifies a safe labeling zone for automated patient labeling. 

It is a compact Workcell that enables easy integration into order fulfillment processes that already exist or to be added to other RXAS equipment. 

RX Unit Pick Workcell Movies
Workcell Features
  • Pharmaceutical fulfillment
  • 850 picks per hour
  • Uses Motoman MH12 robot
  • Modular design fits existing layout
  • Handles thousands of prepackaged medicines
Workcell Specifications
Verification 100% NDC
Robot Motoman MH12
Picks per Hour 850
Software RXAS Pharmacy Management software