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Motoman STEM Education Cell
STEM Education Cell Information

The Motoman STEM Robotics Platform Turnkey Education Cell teaches students robotic programming using the same equipment and systems used in factories throughout the world. The STEM educational cell provides students with the robotic skills required for today's careers in the quickly advancing world of manufacturing.

The STEM Robotics Platform Cell is available with the MHJF or the MH5F robot. The work-space overlay provided with the cell allows for many different exercises for students to get hands-on experience with industrial robotics

For more information about the Motoman STEM Robotics Platform Turnkey Education Cell, contact a member of the RobotWorx team today at 740-251-4312. 

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Workcell Features
  • Multipurpose pneumatic grippers and valves
  • mobile platform designed to roll through doors
  • educational aid
Workcell Specifications