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Industrial Painting Robot Basics


Industrial painting robots provide many advantages for companies in need of an automated solution for painting applications.  Product quality improves through the robots precise movements and uniform dispensing abilities that ensure there is just the right amount of paint is just the right spot.  This also reduces paint related costs.  Worker safety is also increased with robotic painting as the harmful toxins and fumes do not affect the robot arm. Robotic painting arms are built to work in potentially combustible environments and feature with an explosion proof design. These robot arms also have accessibility to areas that are normally hard to reach; the three roll, lemma, and hollow wrist styles each offer characteristics and advantages to different part styles.  The three roll wrist uses three axes to coat parts with complex contours and hard to reach areas.  The lemma wrist also uses three axes but is less flexible and better suited to coat large and horizontal and vertical planes.  The hollow wrist style allows cable and hoses to pass through the wrist, minimizing the interference. For more information on industrial robots, contact www.robots.com. 


Industrial Painting Robot Basi...
Industrial Painting Robot Basics

Manufacturer: RobotWorx

Application: Painting