Nachi AW Controller

This Nachi AW controller provides performance combined with improved menu-driven programming. With a smaller footprint, the Nachi AW allows for more options on the factory floor and programming efficiency.

Benefits & Features

  • 50mm Short-Pitch Move 30% quicker
  • High-Speed Interference Detection
  • Advanced 32-Bit High-Speed DSP Motion Control
  • Improved Maintenance Access
  • Protection for Motor Control Circuit
  • Amplifier Power Loss Reduced By 40%

Open Concept

  • Extends to Industry Standard Bus (ISA/PCI)
  • Supports Windows Application (With Extra Printed Circuit Boards

Enhanced Software

  • Path Unaffected by Speed Change
  • Customized Pendant Display Function
  • High-Speed CPU Procedures Smooth Operation

Teach Pendant

  • User-Friendly, Ergonomic Design, Easy to Use
  • Color Graphic Windows -Style Display With Pull-Down Menus
  • Customized Pendant Display Functions You can configure
  • ROP-601
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