Panasonic G2 Controller

The Panasonic G2 Robot Controller is a 64-bit RISC processor-based controller with a Windows CE-based teach pendant. It provides a user-friendly interface which enhances productivity. Digital Interface with Panasonic digital power source makes it possible to adjust all parameters through the teaching pendant.

  • 64-bit RISC processor
  • Exclusive Windows CE-based teach pendant that provides a user-friendly interface which enhances productivity
  • Digitally interfaced with high-performance Panasonic digital arc welding power sources makes it possible to adjust and change all welding parameters through the teaching pendant
  • Enhanced productivity through standard functions such as error recovery, hot edit, weld selection shift, resume function, weld monitor network capabilities and flying arc start/end
  • Available optional features include seam tracking, auxiliary axis control, servo wire feed, and torches
  • Internet access, 7 inch TFT color LCD, Graphical User Interface-display with icons, Jogdial
  • Interface-display with icons, Jogdial
  • Controls maximum 27 axes
  • 3 robots synchronization
  • Multi-mechanism control - maximum 6 groups multi task


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