Preventative Maintenance

On-Site Robot Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your robots healthy should be a part of your overall production strategy. Regular scheduled maintenance saves you money by preventing unnecessary downtime, cost of additional repair work, and ensures the quality of your product remains consistent and within set specifications.

Robots.com provides an On-Site Preventative Maintenance Service to keep robots operating at full capacity. This specific service is for fully functioning robots, still in service and under power. If a robot has completely stopped running, contact us immediately at 877-762-6881.

This on-site maintenance service is not only for robots purchased from Robots.com - it can also be utilized on any Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB or KUKA robot, no matter who you originally purchased it from.

When Should Preventative Maintenance Be Performed?

Annual preventative maintenance is typical for all robots. We recommend referencing your robot manual for maintenance guidelines, or you can also call us for information on your specific product.

Any abnormal noise or vibration, low oil in oil glass sights, oil seepage, grease seepage, jerky motion, play in any axis or robot accuracy are also good signs of needed maintenance.

What Does Our Robot Service Technician Do?

1. Performs a complete system backup

2. Pre Grease Inspection of all axis and function

3. Performs any necessary troubleshooting, test unit for any vibration, alarms or failures

4. Share report and findings with the customer.

If additional issues are identified, a quote will be provided to the customer to approve or decline. Additional agreed upon repairs will then be performed at this time.

5. Replace grease and oil for all axis

6. Replace controller and robot batteries

7. Post grease inspection of all axis

8. Document any vibration, alarms or failures

9. Perform final testing on robot and controller

10. Complete customer care package

11. Customer buy-off documented

How To Schedule A Preventative Maintenance Service?

Simply call our service department at 877-762-6881, or by filling out an online request form, to schedule an appointment. If you have pictures, model #, SN#, F# or any other information such as backups, this will help speed up the process.

Assuming that the robot is in good working order, quoting maintenance work can be completed prior to a robot technician arriving at your facility. If other issues are present once we arrive, we will provide additional quotes for the customer to review and approve or decline.

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