CMT Welding Exhaust Heat Shields for Motorcycles

Project Summary:

A metal forming company needed a robotic welding system that would create consistent, cosmetic welds on thin exhaust heat shields for motorcycles. Faced with the company's stringent weld requirements, RobotWorx chose to use Fronius Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) technology. This innovative welding process provided the low heat signature necessary to affix mounting clips without distorting the shields.

Application Goals:

  • The customer was searching for a complete turnkey system that was fast, efficient, and affordable. They requested a turntable to present parts paired with a reliable welding robot and safety environment. Eliminating part distortion and spatter was very important to this customer, along with efficiency and a decreased cycle time. Not only did the robot need to be able to weld quickly, the welding system needed to feature a parts positioning table that indexed quickly. The RW1050 workcell fit the bill; it has a dual-sided turntable which allowed for faster cycle times and greater productivity.
  • The motorcycle parts being welded were so delicate, the customer was not sure which welding approach would provide the best results: cold metal transfer, MIG, or TIG. After seeing and testing a variety of methods on the parts, RobotWorx' engineering team was able to achieve the best, spatter-free welds using Fromius CMT technology.
  • Keeping the overall cost of a complete system like this can be a challenge. RobotWorx met the customer's need for a lowered price tag by outfitting the system with a fully reconditioned robot arm.

RobotWorx Solution:

  1. Workcell: The RW1050 is one of RobotWorx' best selling workcells with a 180 degree indexer with dual stations, a common base for easy moving, a single robot, plus the tooling, safety and welding package.
  2. Robot: Reconditioned Motoman UP6 XRC 6-axis, medium-reach robot with a 6kg payload capacity.
  3. Power Source: RobotWorx outfitted the workcell with a Fronius TransPulse Synergic 3200 CMT MV MIG inverter power source to achieve the cosmetic welds. CMT does not input very much heat and works very quickly.
  4. EOAT: A water-cooled welding torch and drive assembly also helped to keep heat input to a minimum. RobotWorx outfitted the Motoman robot with a Fronius Robacta Drive CMT hose pack.
  5. This specialized drive along with a torch mounted wire feeder allowed for quick, welding wire retraction -- the key to low-heat CMT welding. A Fronius Robacta MTG 4000 torch was used and a Binzel Robot Mount CAT2 provided quick, precision movement.
  6. Safety Package: The RobotWorx RW1050 is enclosed with rigid steel safety walls. The two steel mesh doors on either side of the cell are equipped with electronic door interlocks and arc glare protection. A set of light curtains and an arc-glare divider in the middle of the table keep the operator and person loading the workcell safe.
  7. Controller: Motoman XRC controller and teach pendant came with the system as well as an operator station for inputting quick commands and emergency halts.

The customer chose RobotWorx to design and build a welding cell that would increase the speed and the efficiency of their welding application. RobotWorx listened to the needs and exceeded the company's expectations by creating a custom welding cell that improved their ability to weld parts faster and more efficiently. Interested in advancing in your welding production? We are ready to help! Contact us online or call us at 740-251-4312, to get started.

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