Custom System to Move and Cut Bags Featuring 2 FANUC Robots

Project Summary:

A manufacturer in Aurora, IL wanted to eliminate a worker from their bag dumping station for ergonomic and health reasons. The bag dumping station releases fumed silica particles that can cause irritation. RobotWorx supplied the company with a two-robot FANUC system to move and cut open the bags during the dumping process, thus eliminating the need for a worker to be exposed to the harsh environment.

Application Goals:

  • Elimination of a worker from a position that can pose health risks.
Suction bag gripper on industrial robot

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Robots: The system used two reconditioned FANUC robots – a FANUC R2000ia/125L to move the bags, and a FANUC ARC Mate 120iB for cutting the bags open.
  2. Controllers: The robots used two FANUC controllers to power operations – A FANUC R30iA and a FANUC RJ3iB.
  3. Vision: The R2000iA/125L uses FANUC 3DiR technology to locate bags on four different pallets and move them as needed.
  4. End-of-arm-tooling: The R2000ia/125L uses a vacuum gripper EOAT to transport the bags to the ARC Mate 120iB, which uses an ultrasonic knife EOAT to cut the bags open. The R2000iA then uses the gripper to dump the bag and discard it.
Industrial Robot With Ultrasonic Knife Tool

The customer chose RobotWorx to obtain a system that would move and open bags at a dumping station, thus eliminating a human worker from a hazardous situation. The system ultimately saves the company manpower, as well as saving on resources and production costs. RobotWorx was able to meet the company’s expectations by providing them with reconditioned equipment that could stand up to their loading andcutting needs.

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