Custom Welding Workcell featuring a Motoman UP20-6 Welding Robot

Project Summary:

A manufacturer in Indiana was looking for a system to weld aluminum truck bed extenders. RobotWorx supplied the company with a custom workcell using a Motoman UP 20-6 robot, a Motoman XRC controller and a 180-degree pneumatic indexing table, along with other features and packages.

Application Goals:

  • The customer needed a system that would produce strong, high-quality welds on their truck bed extenders, which would also enhance the quality of their product.

Turn Table Positioner for Robot Workcell

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Robot: Motoman UP20-6 robot with a Motoman XRC controller and teach pendant provided the customer with the welding capabilities needed for their application.
  2. Workcell: The workcell was a custom RobotWorx welding workcell that was suited for aluminum welding.
  3. Positioner: A 180-degree pneumatic indexing table with a dual headstock and tailstock was added to the system to move the truck bed extenders in and out of the robot’s welding zone.
  4. Welding Package: A Fronius welding package was added to the Motoman robot to ensure that the system could meet the customer’s welding goals.

The customer chose RobotWorx to obtain a workcell to weld truck bed extenders for their company. They visited the RobotWorx facility for training and buyoff of the system, and they are pleased with the changes it will make to their production line. RobotWorx was able to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations by providing them with equipment that could stand up to their welding challenges.

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