Cut, Trim, and Sand Fiberglass with FANUC Industrial Robot

RobotWorx recently worked with Crystal Coast Composites to design a cutting & sanding workcell for processing  fiberglass parts.  The robot will be used to cut, trim, and sand fiberglass, a process previously done by hand.  Our team of experts designed a system to handle this task efficiently by integrating a FANUC R-2000iB/125L R-30iA with a spindle and interchangeable cutting tools.

Prior to the installation, the customer struggled with long production times, due to the highly labor intensive process. The final product lacked consistency their customers expect. Parts took as much time to layout, as they did to cut, trim, and sand. Because they were doing everything by hand, rework was required.

In collaboration with the client, RobotWorx engineers worked to seamlessly integrate the system in order to improve the final product as well as improve the working conditions of the process. The installation of this upgrade to a robotic system reduced production time in half, and the precision of the robot no longer requires rework. The operator’s job has been simplified, and no longer requires suiting up in head to toe PPE to perform the task.  William Coulter, President of Crystal Coast Composite said, “Our quality, productivity, and worker environment have improved. RobotWorx has opened additional markets for me, in places were the trimming accuracy and flexibility is necessary”.

See this Spindle Workcell in action VIDEO


A system designed to trim and drill different fiberglass parts while reducing production time.


Spindle work cell using a FANUC R-2000iB/125L R-30iA and interchangeable cutting tools.


Production time was reduced by 50%. In addition, automating this process has reduced the amount of PPE required and improved employee morale. Business has also expanded into new territories with the precision and trimming ability of the work cell.

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