Fanuc M-410iB/140H Speeds Up Palletizing

Project Summary:

Manually palletizing bags can be a boring, back-breaking task. This customer needed a fast and efficient system to palletize bags of absorbent minerals used for sports fields. RobotWorx integrated a complete, custom solution that surpassed cycle time, safety, and workspace goals.

Articulated industrial robots are not only well-suited for such repetitive, dull tasks, they are capable of performing these tasks in a more consistent and fast manner. The resulting decrease in cycle time can have a positive impact on overall productivity.

Application Goals:

  • Fast Cycle Times: The customer's chief goal
  • Safety: The customer required a solution that was compact yet in keeping with all safety protocols.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. New Fanuc Robot: This system features a brand new Fanuc M-410iB/140H palletizing robot. Extremely sturdy, the M-410iB/140H has five axes of movement. This build allows the robot to move at extremely high speeds while still maintaining the same rigidity. In addition to high speed performance, the FANUC M-410iB/140H is designed for high-density settings. A compact wrist and integrated cabling allow this robot to fit in tight spaces. The M-410iB/140H robot met application requirements with a payload capacity of 140kg and horizontal reach of 2850mm.
  2. Controller/Operator Station: The advanced R-30iA robot controller and teach pendant were included in this all-inclusive robot system. FANUC's ergonomic and user-friendly controls make for quick and easy robot programming. A standard operator station was also included with the system.
  3. EOAT: RobotWorx used a pneumatic bag gripper with adjustable clamps/fingers. This particular Poly Series pneumatic bag gripper design was chosen because it keeps the bags of minerals centered, preventing misalignment and maintaining optimal palletizing consistency.
  4. Conveyors: In order to integrate the robotic system seamlessly into the company's pre-existing conveyor set-up, RobotWorx added a power roller conveyor. This addition allowed for proper spacing between rollers and where the robot picks up the bags.
  5. Safety Environment: RobotWorx provided for every safety concern with a complete package. Hard fencing, door interlocks, and light curtains were integrated into the system to meet all safety requirements for keeping employees and equipment safe. In addition, this system utilized FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS) technology. This safety software contains the work envelope of the robot and monitors program speeds. FANUC DCS reduces the number of perimeter guarding features necessary and allows for a more compact footprint.
  6. Installation/Training: RobotWorx offers every customer free robot training at the RobotWorx facility in Marion, Ohio. This company opted for additional, on-site installation and training so they would not lose any time when they first implemented their new system.
  7. Support: The customer opted for a two year parts and service warranty from the date of shipment was for the robot to palletize 20 bags per minute. With a new FANUC robot and expert integration, RobotWorx' system exceeded customer expectations.
  8. New Robot: RobotWorx sells both new and reconditioned industrial robots. This time, in the interest of achieving the best possible cycle time, the customer specified a new robot model. As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, RobotWorx is able to offer customers like this one the newest robot technology available.
  9. Tooling: The robotic EOAT had to be carefully chosen to accommodate flexible and somewhat delicate bag materials.
  10. System Configuration: The final robot solution had to integrate smoothly with preexisting conveyor set-ups. In addition, specific pallet formations must be met.

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