Fanuc M-710iC/20L R-30iA Palletizing Solution

Project Summary:

A roofing company Portland, Oregon needed to add a step to their automation process, putting slip sheets in between their palletized products. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a complete reconditioned FANUC system that was able to complete the new required step.

Application Goal:

Use a robotic system to put a slip sheet between every four layers of roofing material that is palletized. This is a required new step, and it is safer to use a robot than a human because of the interaction with the machine palletizing the products.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Robot: The system used a reconditioned FANUC M-710iC/20L robot with a FANUC R-30iA controller.
  2. Gripper: RobotWorx made a custom suction gripper that can pick up the slip sheet and place it on the pallet between the roofing materials to stabilize the pallet.
  3. Safety Package: RobotWorx installed light curtains and an operator station with the system to ensure that workers are kept away from any dangerous moving parts during operation.

The customer chose RobotWorx to provide them with a system that could perform the new production step in a fast, efficient way. RobotWorx provided them with a system that not only performed to the company’s expectations, but also kept workers out of harm’s way, and eliminated the rips and tears in the product by stabilizing the pallet.

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