Fanuc S-430iW Robots Palletize Ammunition Cases

Project Summary:

Out with the old, in with the newer, reconditioned robots! This customer was looking for an affordable upgrade for a multi-robot palletizing configuration. RobotWorx supplied and integrated five FANUC robots into the preexisting conveyor arrangement, and met all application needs.

Application Goals:

  • Work with Preexisting System: Customer needed a group of robots that would replace worn out models. Arrangement of conveyors and pallets will remain the same, so RobotWorx technicians will need to integrate robots to fit.
  • Payload to Accommodate Parts: Cases of shotgun shells weigh as much as 23kg each.
  • Attain Proper Cycle Speed: The robot must stack at least six ammunition cases per minute. Pallets are stacked seven layers high.
  • Reach Requirements: Need a robot with a wide work envelope. Must extend at least 2286mm from the center of the robot.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Reconditioned Robots: Five reconditioned S-430iW RJ3 robots. These heavy-duty 6-axis robots provide an expansive horizontal reach of 2643mm. The S-430iW robots also offer hefty 165kg payload capacities. Each S-430iW is attached to a 12" riser and weighs a full 1300kg.
  2. Controls: Fanuc RJ3 controllers and matching teach pendants.
  3. Licensed Software: One copy of Fanuc licensed software for material handling applications.

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