Global Collaboration for Successful Palletizing System Order

Our team of experts at RobotWorx and Scott Automation+Robotics are working together to ensure a speedy delivery of a top-quality products anywhere on the globe.

We recently have had a successful order due to our teamwork efforts. RobotWorx received an inquiry on their website,, from a dairy company located in Australia in search of a palletizing system to handle milk powder boxes. After spending time looking over the inquiry and understanding the customer’s needs, RobotWorx knew this case would be best served by our sister company, Scott Automation+Robotics, also located in Australia and equipped with the knowledge and robotic equipment to offer a robust solution.

Robot Simulation of Palletizing Boxes

The case was immediately forwarded to Scott Automation+Robotics and the sense of urgency was instantly recognized. A Scott Automation+Robotics representative was onsite within 24 hours. This enabled the representative to spend quality time looking at the customer’s current conditions, hear and see their specific requests first-hand, and begin to turn their automation needs into a reality.

We are pleased to report that our global collaboration led to a successful sale within one week’s time. “The time to market has been important to our customers and the speed in forwarding the leads to us to action has been much appreciated. As a result of this successful and expedient transaction, the customer has requested additional opportunities for Scott Automation & Robotics to help complete,” stated Simon Parker, a Solution’s Engineer from Scott Automation+Robotics.

The success of this transaction and the happiness of our customers are huge acknowledgements to the mere strength and dedication of our global team. RobotWorx’ global web presence has allowed us to receive inquiries from companies worldwide, which we are able to distribute amongst Scott Technology Ltd.’s companies based on location and area of expertise.

The following is what we set-up our customer with, within a week’s time.

Features & Benefits of the robot system

  • Labor Reduction: Up to 2 operator(s) per working shift
  • Products: Configurable for a range of carton sizes
  • OH&S: Reduced injuries and accidents from repetitive motion & manual handling.
  • Palletizing up to a 2.4 meter pallet height.
  • Productivity/efficiency: Process eliminates poorly stacked product
  • Accuracy: Product handled with automated repeatability
  • Carton weight = 8kg

Robot Palletizing System Scope of supply

  • KUKA palletizing robot and Pneumatic Robotic Gripper System to carry 2 cartons
  • Product Conveyor Mild Steel Construction, painted finish Galvanised Roller conveyor
  • Safety Guarding complete with access and personnel gates
  • Main Control Panel
  • System Engineering
  • System Software Testing
  • Panel Manufacture & Testing
  • System Delivery, Installation & Commissioning
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • Documentation & Operation Manuals

At RobotWorx, and Scott Automation+Robotics, we can offer a wide range of robots and complete handling systems to meet your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application.

RobotWorx and Scott Automation+Robotics love sharing success stories like these. We are excited for more to come as we continue to work together, act fast, and do whatever it takes to satisfy our customer’s current automation needs.

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