Integration for Robotic Flame Spray Application

Project Summary:

Unique flame spraying job required a complete feasibility study and robot model evaluation. Thermal spraying involves melting material with an oxyfuel gas flame and propelling it onto the part.

Application Goals:

  • Flame spray a 6' tube that rotates continuously at 115 rpm.
  • Achieved a travel speed of at least 19 inches per second
  • Integrate robot to perform in following setting:
    • Booth is 9.5' x 9.5' x 13' (hwl)
    • 33" tall turntable
    • Thermal spraying hood for overspray - 65" tall
  • EOAT positioning: robot must hold spray gun 3" from the thermal spraying hood and move the entire height allowed by the hood.
  • With automation, all the hazards associated with this application (extreme heat, smoke, overspray) can be handled safely by the robot.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Reconditioned Fanuc M-710 6-axis robot with a 45kg payload and 1706mm horizontal reach.
  2. RJ3 teach pendant and controller.

We were able to find a quick and integrate the perfect flame spraying robotic solution. Our integrated robot easily met project requirements. For more information on automating flam spraying applications, contact us here or call 740-251-4312.

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