Machine Tending System with Motoman HP20 NX100

Project Summary:

Woodworking and robots may not be a combination that tends to come across the mind, but the woodworking industry has a number of repetitive and potentially hazardous tasks that are perfect candidates for robotic automation.

When a wooden staircase manufacturer needed a robot to tend their riser-drilling machine, RobotWorx integrated a customized robotic system to meet each and every financial and application goal. The final machine tending workcell offered improved throughput and faster, consistent cycle times.

Application Goals:

  • Affordability: Not only did this system need to meet application goals, it had to remain low-cost. Because of this, the customer was interested in finding a reconditioned robot system that would match performance and reliability expectations
  • Process Requirements: The woodworking company needed a robot with specific payload and reach capabilities to handle the risers and access all the cell components.
  • Complete Integration: The final robotic solution had to integrate smoothly with the pre-existing drilling machine as well as the various stations for unprocessed and processed wooden riser boards.
  • Throughput: The customer was looking for a robotic system that would provide the flexibility and speed necessary to match throughput goals and provide consistent cycle times.
  • Tooling: The robotic system required a specific tooling solution to properly balance and remain in control of the long riser boards while picking and placing them.
  • Safety Concerns: Protection for both workers and robotic equipment had to be incorporated into the final solution.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Reconditioned Motoman Robot: RobotWorx was able to satisfy the customer's budgetary and application goals with a low-cost, reconditioned Motoman HP20 NX100 robot. Reconditioned industrial robots offer savings of as much as 60%. This 6-axis robot is capable of high speeds, 20kg payloads, and a maximum 1717mm horizontal reach. Extremely compact and slim, the HP20 NX100 robot fits neatly into tight configurations. In this case, the robot's slim build allowed for a smaller workcell footprint and efficient access to the drilling machine.
  2. EOAT: Picking up and placing the wooden stair risers required the right tooling solution. RobotWorx outfitted the workcell with vacuum grippers that provided the reliability and stability needed to perform the tending application.
  3. System Integration: RobotWorx' integration team designed a seamless system that worked neatly with the drilling machine, pallet of risers, and other components. In order for the HP20 NX100 to effectively tend the machine, it was placed on a pillar base.
  4. Safety Equipment: A complete safety environment provides protection for both robotic equipment and operators. Included in the safety solution are hard fences, a door interlock, and one set of light curtains.
  5. Support and Warranty: The robotic machine tending solution comes with RobotWorx' standard one year warranty covering all parts and service. In addition, RobotWorx provided free programming training to the customer.

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