Motoman SK16 System for Dispensing Adhesive

Project Summary:

Custom-built system with 2' slide approach and reconditioned robot improved application speed, efficiency, accuracy, and throughput. System designed to dispense adhesive.

Application Goals:

  • Suitable Positioner: To accomodate the customer's application and parts, an indexing table and the proper tooling had to be fashioned.
  • Robot Approach: RobotWorx created a 2 foot slide so robot could move back and forth from the table in sync with the table.
  • System Abilities: The entire system had to be integrated to work seamlessly. The workcell had to be quick, the dispensing accurate, and the robot had to provide the correct reach and abilities.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Motoman SK16 - This system was outfitted with a reconditioned 6-axis medium-reach robot. The SK16 has a 16kg payload capability and 1555mm horizontal reach.
  2. MRC Controller and Teach Pendant - MRC controller equipped with 4MB memory expansion module. The 211 x 382mm teach pendant has a LCD display. The MRC controller stores up to 2,200 steps and 1,200 instructions. It can control up to 21 axes of movement.
  3. 4-Position Camco Indexing Table - This particular application required a 4-position indexer with 48" x 48" table surface. The indexer was operated by Baldor ID15H202-E variable frequency drive.
  4. Linear Slide - Pneumatically actuated track for SK-16 MRC mounting providing at least 24" of linear travel back and forth from the indexing table. Includes dampers, prox sensors, and integration to the system.
  5. Common Base - Structural steel platform for unified mounting of all system components.

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