Robot and Conveyor System for Palletizing Bags of Beans

Project Summary:

Affordable, robot palletizing system streamlined and accelerated bag processing for a company handling more than 100,000 bags of edible beans per year.

Application Goals:

  • Place bags onto slip sheets in railcars.
  • Restructure process to handle 5-7 bags a minute.
  • Design tooling configuration that can adjust to handle two different sized bags weighing 100lbs and 110lbs.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Reconditioned Robot: 6-axis Fanuc S-430iL with 125kg payload capacity and 3002mm horizontal reach.
  2. Controls/Programming: RJ3 controller and teach pendant with back-lit LCD.
  3. Operator Station with push buttons for system control
  4. EOAT: Heavy-duty bag gripper with pneumatically-controlled fingers.
  5. Two Building Station Locators: 90-degree locations for building bag stacks and a sensor to recognize when station is empty.
  6. Slip Sheet Holder: Platform for locating and holding slip sheets. Mounting feet can be lagged directly to the factory floor. Includes sensor to identify when the stack is empty.
  7. Two Building Station Locator: 90-degree places for building bag stacking and a sensor for identifying when stations are empty.
  8. Belt Conveyor: Three sections of belt conveyor (7', 4', and 90 deg.) with a 30" wide belt and belt height of 15" from the floor. Includes, guide rails, adjustable supports, 3-phase 460VAC motors with reducers, and controls package.
  9. Roller Conveyor: Evenly spaced powered-roller conveyor for picking station. Equipped with a hard stop locator and sensor for indicating bag presence. Includes 3 phase 460VAC motor and controls package.
  10. Bag Kicker: Takes the bag from a vertical positioner and turns it to horizontal. 15" belt height with adjustable supports. Pneumatically operated pusher for kicking function. Includes 3-phase 460VAC motor, controls package, sensor and solenoid.
  11. Total Safety Environment: Including rigid mesh fencing, one door with electronic interlock, two sets of light curtains, zone ring for muting.

For more information on palletizing application automation, contact us here or call 740-251-4312.

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