Robot Integrated to Unload Trash Cans from Injection Molding Machine

Project Summary:

RobotWorx was able to work with a company that made trash cans with an injection molding machine. This company wanted to cut cycle times and improve their machine tending application.

Application Goals:

  • The robot would grab and maneuver trash cans out of an injection molding machine, then place them onto a conveyor system.
  • Flexible tooling needed with the ability to handle different sized trash cans, while maintaining a small footprint.
  • Increase speed to improve throughput.
  • Improve safety for workers to minimize machine interaction, and ability to streamline the process.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Robot: Reconditioned 6-axis Motoman UP130 robot that provided 130kg payload capability, vertical reach 3372mm, horizontal reach 2651mm, +/- 0.2mm repeatability.
  2. Controller: XRC controller and color teach pendant with a graphical 5.7 inch LED display.
  3. EOAT: Custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) gripper with vacuum cups constructed from extruded aluminum. EOAT includes four vacuum cups mounted in an array with part presence sensors, air lines, option plug, junction box, solenoids, and integration.
  4. Additional Options: 1" stroke spring-loaded air cylinder so the robot will be capable of handling and a 30' SPI interface cable for robot to IM machine communication
  5. Safety Package: Complete safety package including hard fencing, one door interlock, and one set of light curtains to protect exit from conveyor.

The customer decided to purchase the solution from RobotWorx to improve and streamline their trash can application. This helped the business tremendously and ultimately increased their overall effectiveness, productivity, and happiness.

If you are looking to advance your material handling automation process, get started today by contacting RobotWorx online or calling in at 740-251-4312 to speak with an expert.

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