Robotic Cell Integrated to Arc Weld Christmas Tree Stands

Project Summary:

RobotWorx' pre-engineered RW1000 workcell provided an arc welding solution for a manufacturer of Christmas tree stands. When the company first approached RobotWorx, they were unsure as to the feasibility of the project. RobotWorx tested sample parts to make sure the welding results met with the company's quality standards. The finished system improved workplace safety, cycle times, and weld quality.

Application Goals:

  • Product Details: Each tree stand is made out of three pieces of rebar welded to a hardened middle pin. The finished product had to be welded cosmetically.
  • Versatility: The company needed a workcell that could accommodate a variety of stands. The "leg" sizes are 10, 17, and 22 inches in length.
  • Dimensions: In order to handle the application, the worktables in the cell had to be no smaller than 45" square.
  • Cycle Time: Increasing cycle time was one of the goals. The company needed a workcell that would churn out 50-100 finished stands per hour. RobotWorx' solution successfully exceeded cycle goals.
  • Affordability: The company needed an effective, but economical robotic welding solution.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Workcell: The RW1000 pre-engineered workcell provided the right configuration for this integration project. The cell's rigid steel enclosure has forklift pockets in the base. Two entry doors on either side of the workcell utilize steel mesh with arc glare protection. Two stationary weld tables (measuring 45" square) are positioned in the front of the workcell, separated by a sliding door.
  2. Robot: RobotWorx chose a reconditioned FANUC ARC Mate 100iB for this application. As indicated by its name, the ARC Mate 100iB robot is application specific, capable of providing just the right amount of flexibility, speed, and poise for arc welding needs. Its slim build and medium 1373mm horizontal reach make it a good fit for the RW1000 space. The robot comes with a FANUC RJ3iB controller and teach pendant. By going with a reconditioned model, the company was able to keep overall workcell costs down.
  3. Power Source: The Lincoln Electric PowerWave 455 produces 450 amp pulsing power and is accompanied by an air cooled welding torch, safety holder, and wire feeder. Arc Link digital interface allows the FANUC RJ3iB controller and power source to communicate.
  4. Safety Package: Fully protected, the RW1000 is enclosed with hard fencing. The two side doors and front slide door are safeguarded with interlocks. The cell has a common base and forklift pockets for easy moving.
  5. Operator Station: An operator's station is placed outside of the cell for easy access to safety and general commands, i.e. Start A and B, E-stop, Servo-On, Hold, and Re-Start. In addition, status lights for station ready/complete were included.

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