RobotWorx Arc Welding Cell With Motoman UP6

Project Summary:

A company wanted to improve production rates, while decreasing operational costs, by replacing an existing workcell with an updated automation system.

Application Goals:

  • This company wanted to produce consistent, high-quality weldments.
  • They needed a system to help minimize any danger of a worker/operator injury from arc glare, fumes, smoke.
  • The robot workcell desired would perform with consistent quality and improve the overall throughput and productivity.

RobotWorx Solution:

  1. Workcell: The experts at RobotWorx chose a RW1050-S Workcell to get the job done. This includes a servo controlled 180-degree indexer, common base with forklift pockets, and common power disconnect.
  2. Robot: A reconditioned Motoman UP6 was chosen. It was perfect for the job with its 6-axis, medium reach, with 6kg payload capability, vertical reach of 2393mm/ horizontal reach of 1373mm.
  3. Controller: The XRC is paired with the UP6. This has a multiple robot control functions and comes with controls a teach pendant with graphical 5.7" LED display screen.
  4. Power Source: A Miller Auto Delta Weld 452 was selected with its 450 amp CV power source, safety holder, and wire feeder.
  5. EOAT: The torch, mount bracket, and collision protection to be provided by customer.
  6. Positioner: A two position servo indexer for dual station operation was selected- The Positioner 180 Degree Indexer. This system includes an arc-glare divider and a common base for robot, indexer, and controls. Table top - 72" diameter - full circle.
  7. Operator Station: Push Button Start, E-stop, Servo-On, Hold, and Re-Start.

RobotWorx supplied the company with a custom Motoman welding cell that can weld faster than any human possibly could, improving their production by almost 50%, while also improving safety for workers by keeping them away from arc glare, flash burn, and harmful welding fumes.

For more information on automating welding applications, contact us here or call 740-251-4312.

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