Turnkey RobotWorx Workcell For Welding Pressure Tanks

Project Summary:

Custom workcell designed to perform exact welds in a consistent, safe, and quick manner.

Application Goals:

  • Weld .5" diameter release valves to DOT 39 pressure tanks with cosmetic precision.
  • Improve throughput and weld consistency.
  • Minimize wasted material by eliminating weld mistakes.
  • Improve worker safety because of arc glare protection.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. RobotWorx RW1000 Workcell: Two station pre-engineered workcell with 6-axis medium reach robot. Includes two stationary weld tables, rigid steel enclosure, door interlocks, and common base. Base comes with forklift pockets and system is pre-wired for 480VAC.
  2. OTC AX-V4: New (demo-stock) 6-axis medium reach robot with 4kg payload capability. Includes AX controls and teach pendant.
  3. DP 400 Weld Package: New (demo-stock) 400 amp pulsing power source with through arm air cooled welding torch, safety holder, wire feeder, back liner, spool holder, and welding leads.
  4. Safety Package: Includes hard fencing, three door interlocks - all mounted to a common base.
  5. Push Button Operator Station: Start A and B, E-stop, Servo-On, Hold, Re-Start.

For more information on automating welding applications, contact us here or call 740-251-4312.

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