Welding with Vision-Equipped Fanuc M-710iC/20L Robots

Project Summary:

When a tank manufacturing company needed two welding robots to meet specific quality requirements, RobotWorx delivered. The solution integrates extended-reach robots with vision peripherals, providing optimal weld results.

Application Goals:

  • High Quality Welds: Final robotic system must provide fully welded seams. The tanks being welded are constructed from hot rolled steel 3/8" thick.
  • Reach: Customer required a robotic solution with an extended reach of at least 3m. The robot's work envelope had to accommodate large boxes with dimensions similar to: 144" x 200" x84".
  • Vision: Servo robot camera to assist robot in seam tracking for tank welds.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  1. Two Fanuc M-710iC/20L R30iA Robots: With 20kg payloads and extended 3,110mm reaches, these 6-axis models fit the welding and work envelope requirements. One of the robots was brand new, while the other, less expensive model, was a stock demonstration model. Each robot was equipped with ArcTool operating software and a Servo Robot sensor interface.
  2. New Welding Power Sources: Complete Lincoln PowerWave 455 air-cooled welding power supply package. Includes Powerfeed 10R wire drive unit, cables, and ArcLink communications.
  3. Welding Torch Packages: RobotWorx outfitted the Fanuc M-710iC/20L robots with water-cooled torches, mount brackets, and Binzel safety clutches.
  4. Servo Robot RoboNet Master Controllers: These units track and inspect weld seams and use serial connections to communicate with the Fanuc M-710iC/20L.
  5. Servo Robot DIGI-I/S Laser Cameras: Both Fanuc robots are equipped with high resolution, digital cameras. Each has programmable point of view.
  6. Laser Camera Air Cooling and Air Filtering Units: The cameras require airflow and pressure controls as well as filters for this air supply.
  7. Insulated Support for Camera: A faceplate mounting device.

For more information about integrating multiple welding robots, contact us at 740-251-4312, or fill out this form.

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