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Humma Honey

Humma HoneyThe humma honey-wax separator, built by a sister company of RobotWorx, was intentionally and thoughtfully designed to help save money and time. It is an innovative, easy-to-use technology that perfectly separates honey and wax. The humma system provides the customer with an advanced unit that produces some of the cleanest, highest quality honey and driest wax available. There isn’t any further processing required for the consumer seeking this clean honey or dry wax, the humma does it all.  

The ease of use results in reduction of employees and operator costs, saving the company money. The Humma honey-wax separator works continuously on the wax removal, eliminating bottlenecks and stoppages, and maintains this efficiency throughout until the delivery of clean honey and dry wax.

Humma Honey

The cost savings continue as the humma requires minimal start up or shut down time and zero clean up is required.  Also, there is little operator input necessary during production nor is there a need for ear protectors as the system is super quiet. The humma can save floor space as it is compact, but still produce an astonishing 1 ton/hr.

Also, the humma honey-wax separator will continuously produce delicious honey with a much lower content of bacterial colony forming units when compared to competitors. The system works in a  specific way that allows the bee bodies to float out. 

SCOTT’s headquarters are in Dunedin, New Zealand; but the company is spread across New Zealand, operating in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. They continue to strengthen and grow their global presence with sales and service offices found in Dallas, TX and Marion, Ohio-USA; Qingdao and Shanghai-China; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth-Australia; Bergamo-Italy; Vancouver-Canada; and Santiago-Chile.

Having diverse sister companies all over the world helps us cater to our own customer’s needs and locations better. We are able to collaborate on a global scale in order to ensure your automation system is perfectly catered for your needs. This ultimately helps representatives to spend quality time looking at the customer’s current conditions, hear and see their specific requests first-hand, and begin to turn their automation needs into a reality. It ensures the time to market is expedited. At RobotWorx, we are proud to be a part of this global team. 

It is now easy to see the amazing benefits of the humma wax-separating system.  Visit the Humma Honey website to learn more and see what they offer, please visit their website or call us at 740-251-4312 to discuss.