Robot Recycling

Robot Recycling

Do you have unwanted robotic equipment?
Waste metals, plastics, and chemicals from robots contaminate and harm the environment if disposed improperly. RobotWorx offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to clogging landfills.

Robot RecyclingRecycling on a Large Scale
RobotWorx specializes in refurbishing and reintegrating robots. Our refurbishment process takes damaged, old, and unwanted robots, and returns them to factory condition. Unused, irreparable parts are disposed according to local, state and federal EPA guidelines.

Keeping It Green
RobotWorx maintains an environmentally-friendly facility. Robotic equipment is cleaned with dry ice. This method avoids damaging the environment and the robots with toxic pollutants. All waste metal and used robot grease is sent to recycling facilities.

It Benefits You!
Join RobotWorx in protecting the environment and conserving resources. RobotWorx is interested in saving your abandoned robot from the dump! We purchase and accept trade-ins on used robots. Call us at 740-251-4312 to recycle your robot.


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