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RobotWorx Profit Calculator

Robot System Price:
Down Payment Amount:
Amount Financed:$0.00 
Length of Loan (Months):
Interest Rate (APR):
Monthly: $0.00 Hourly: $0.00 

Total: $0.00 

Typical Robotic system can perform the same output as 4 Skilled Operators
$0.00 /1 Shift
Estimated Operator Hourly Rate
 / Hour
Estimated Skilled Labor Hourly Rate
 / Hour
Estimated Manual equipment hourly rate
 / Hour
Robotic System at $0.00  / Hour plus Operator hourly rate
$0.00  / Hour
Skilled Labor plus equipment hourly rate  
Robot System at $0.00  / Hour compared to 4 skilled laborers at $0.00  / Hour
Hourly Savings for a robotic system
$0.00  / Hour
Annual Savings for a robotic system
$0.00  / Year
Savings for Free Runoff of System at RobotWorx  Wk/s
Savings for Free Training at RobotWorx for  People
Savings for RobotWorx' Value Package per  Wks
Savings for RobotWorx' 1 Year vs 30 days 100% Parts and Labor Warranty
Savings for included Manufacturer's legal Operating System Software
$7,500 / robot
Savings for Reducing the Amount of Peripherals Necessary
Potential Savings in the Amount of Rework and Increase in Quality in Production
Rework of  % equals
Estimated Annual Savings for Benefits @  %
$43,680  / Year
Robots are a great marketing tool for manufacturing companies and the potential for your company to increase sales by adding robotics to your production.
Annual Revenue  * Sales Increase  % =
Purchasing a robot system from RobotWorx can potentially save $0.00 the first year. Plus increase your sales by $0.00 per year.
Cost of Equipment:
Section 179 Deduction:
100% Bonus Depreciation Deduction:
(or any remaining amount above $500,000)
Normal 1st Year Deduction:
Total 1st Year Deduction:
Cash Savings on your Equipment Purchase:
(assuming a 35% tax bracket)
Lowered Cost of Equipment after Tax Savings