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Scott Fabtech

SCOTT FabtechSCOTT Fabtech was created when SCOTT Technology Limited realized there was a huge need for a business that conducted end-to-end fabrication. So, SCOTT combined its ingenuity and innovative skills with its fabrication skills to create Fabtech.

SCOTT Fabtech, a sister company of RobotWorx specializes in waterjet cutting and traditional precision machining, fitting, and fabrication work. In order to answer to multiple customer needs, Scott Fabtech also fabricates a large variety of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium metal structures through traditional cutting, bending, machining, welding, and assembling. 

Benefits of a Waterjet Cutting System

The high precision waterjet cutting system can cut complex flat parts out of almost any material. This can range from stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, glass, ceramics, stone, extremely hard reflective materials, non-conductive materials, and composites.

SCOTT FabtechThe waterjet cutter is extremely clean, flexible, highly accurate, and cost effective as it can produce parts in a timely manner.  It can minimize distortion, re-working, and refinement time ultimately decreasing production costs for you and your customers. Additionally, multiple shapes of different dimensions can be consecutively cut directly from a CAD or DXF drawing.

Waterjet cutters are efficient and economical as they have a narrow kerf width, allowing the minimization of burrs or machining marks and  tooling is not required. There is also a no “heat-affected” zone that allows the waterjet systems to cut material without interfering with or harming its’ intrinsic structure. 

Waterjet cutters are considered to be a “green’ technology as they maximize material use and eliminate airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminants. The water is run through a closed-loop recycling system, so the usage is also minimized.

Some great applications or projects that waterjet cutters can tackle are stainless steel pipes, production of parts for the rail, shipping, and truck logistics, production of rubber seals for sample preparation equipment, production of meat processing automation equipment, and metal signage and/or artwork.

SCOTT Fabtech Customer Satisfaction

Scott Fabtech wants to be sure that customer needs are perfectly met, so the team of experts will carefully listen to all wishes to be able to approach each project with complete understanding. The Fabtech team continues to provide incredible attention to each detail, evident in the end-result craftsmanship, throughout the entire process. 

Your needs can either be met within our purposefully designed Fabtech workshop or we will send a team to you.  Also, to ensure stability and direct knowledge throughout, the same person you speak to and work with at the beginning of your project will be the person who also ensures the successful completion of the project.  

Scott Fabtech is already helping a variety of customers to better serve their needs with their systems. This includes ship gangways for Port Otago, Ltd and various chocolate pipe line modifications for Cadbury, New Zealand. This shows the ability for Fabtech to diversify and meet a number of different manufacturing environments. Scott’s customer’s needs are so important, it is rare they let an application go without offering an innovative solution.

There is no doubt that whatever the problem may  be, SCOTT Fabtech will do anything to find the perfect solution, making your next project a success.

SCOTT’s headquarters are in Dunedin, New Zealand; but the company is spread across New Zealand, operating in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. They continue to strengthen and grow their global presence with sales and service offices found in Dallas, TX and Marion, Ohio-USA; Qingdao and Shanghai-China; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth-Australia; Bergamo-Italy; Vancouver-Canada; and Santiago-Chile.

Having diverse sister companies all over the world helps us cater to our own customer’s needs and locations better. We are able to collaborate on a global scale in order to ensure your automation system is perfectly catered for your needs.

At RobotWorx, we are proud to be a part of this global team. To learn more, visit the Scott Fabtech website or call us at 740-251-4312 to discuss.