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Scott LED

SCOTT LEDIf you are seeking lighting for a cold food processing facility or factory than SCOTT LED is the solution for you. Scott LED, a sister company of RobotWorx, is truly an innovator for commercial and industrial high-quality lighting. Excellent operation and luminosity combines with energy efficiency to offer top of the line lighting performance. Their engineers have worked hard to create a way to increase the safety, quality, and quantity of light in cold process environments, while also decreasing costs.

At SCOTT LED, you will find cool-running LEDs and customizable modular lighting solutions that guarantee a long life cycle, high durability, and low cost operation due to its low energy use and patented thermal management solution.

This innovative thermal transfer mechanism allows the bonding of the LED heat sink pad directly onto a copper base. The high-thermal conductivity and low-spreading resistance of the substrate base allows for a faster heat transfer from the LED semiconductor junction.

This solution consistently delivers lighting solutions built from quality products that will outlast the nearest competitors. When compared with a standard 400W metal halide lighting, SCOTT LED lighting offers a net savings of 65% per luminaire and a 70,000 hour continuous life.  This results in a twice as long as normal operational life.

Also, the lights have a terrific high luminous intensity without sacrificing any color rendering. The lights can be directionally controlled to include a wide range of optics to suit users’ needs. The high luminary efficiency provides more than 115 lumens per watt. LED lights can create 1/3 of the heat of conventional lighting which helps to keep the cold processing unit at temperature.  Scott LED can operate in environments as low as -40c, and runs effortlessly at these lower temperatures, offering economic games for refrigerated process plants. 

The lighting systems also can increase factory safety as they are shatter-proof, built for easy washdown, and have reduced fire risks than competing lights.  The lights also have an immediate restart with instant full brightness which helps to reduce lengthy, costly downtime. 

The standard housings are powder coated and there are multiple colors available such as cool white, daylight white, and warm white. All SCOTT LED lighting solutions are fitted with industry standard interconnections. If necessary, there are additional options available such as flicker-free dimming and anodized aluminum and epoxy coated housings

Another huge benefit is that SCOTT LED lighting solutions are modular and completely customized for a seamless integration into existing installations. SCOTT LED takes pride in ensuring the delivery of the most efficient lighting solution, with 100% customized options for your application needs. The LED light installation process is designed to be fast, easy, and provide a plug and play installation.

Although more costly upfront, SCOTT LED estimates the money can be recovered in 2 years with the energy and refrigeration gains. Additionally, customer happiness is key for the people of SCOTT LED, so all LED modules and power supplies are backed by 5-year performance warranty. SCOTT LED makes it easy to see why you should choose their lights to brighten your factory. 

The headquarters of SCOTT are in Dunedin, New Zealand; but the company is spread across New Zealand, operating in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. They continue to strengthen and grow their global presence with sales and service offices found in Dallas, TX and Marion, Ohio-USA; Qingdao and Shanghai-China; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth-Australia; Bergamo-Italy; Vancouver-Canada; and Santiago-Chile.

Having diverse sister companies all over the world helps us cater to our own customer’s needs and locations better. We are able to collaborate on a global scale in order to ensure your automation system is perfectly catered for your needs. At RobotWorx, we are proud to be a part of this global team. To learn more, visit the SCOTT LED website here or call us at 740-251-4312 to discuss.