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The RobotWorx Difference

RobotWorx industrial robot integrator

RobotWorx understands and acknowledges the time, energy and investment you put into your business. When it's time to automate an industrial application, we want to be your robotic integrator choice.  

How is RobotWorx different from most robotic integrators?  We have over 25 years of experience implementing robot systems.  This allows us to understand the needs and requirements of our customers better.  We are able to help maximize your ROI by providing high quality robots at lower costs.  

We also offer the RobotWorx Value Package with every robot purchased.  We want to form a lasting partnership with our customers built on trust and reliability.  

RobotWorx is an official integrator of FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB and KUKA.  This not only supports our increased knowledge in the robotics industry, but also gives us the ability to provide customers with a wide variety of robot arm options, both new and fully reconditioned.  Every customer has unique needs and our company strives to offer you the best options for your budget. 

All reconditioned robots go through the following:

A vigorous comprehensive reconditioning and inspection report

Inspection of all gears, joints, axes and all other components of the robot and replace any necessary parts.

A grease drain and replacement.

Repeatability testing to ensure proper precision.

We invite you into our shop for:

One day of training for 3 people at your company.

A functionality demonstration and buy off of your robotic system.

This ensures our customer the best quality products and service possible.  From the first inquiry, to after the robot system is in production on your floor, RobotWorx is there for you every step of the way.

Contact us today to begin the robotic integration process.