ABB IRB Packaging Robot Series

ABB IRB Packaging Robot Series


The ABB IRB 340 Flexpicker is a delta robot designed for high-speed pick and place tasks. Capable of 150 picks per minute, this parallel-arm Delta robot is available with either a 1 kg or 2 kg payloads. It also comes in three different versions: standard, washable (IRB 340SA), and stainless steel (IRB 340SAS).

ABB's IRB 340 IRC5 robot is well-suited for use in the electronic, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Its distinctive configuration allows it to move with unmatched care, precision and speed. Weighing 140 kg, the IRB 340 robot is compact and top-mounted preventing interference from cabling or other hardware. It is also IP55 and cleanroom class 10 certified. The robot uses the same oil, Mobil DTE FM 220, for all axes.

The IRB340 has a working diameter of 1130 mm, height of 250 mm, and unlimited rotation capabilities. The max speed of this robot is 10 m/s.

For safety, there are double circuits with supervision, e-stops, 3-position enabling device and other safety functions.

The IRC5 controller uses TrueMove and QuickMove software for highest speed capabilities and path-following accuracy. The FlexPicker can also track fast moving conveyor belts, up to 350 mm/s, with high accuracy.

Wash-Down IRB 340SA
The washable version of the ABB IRB 340 IRC5 Delta robot has an IP67 protection rating. It is built to withstand cleaning with a low-pressure application of mild detergent. ABB used corrosion-resistant materials and special paint and sealed covers to protect this robot. The fourth axis of the IRB 340SA has slide bearings to facilitate more thorough spray-downs.

Stainless Steel IRB 340SAS
The cleanest IRB 340 version, the IRB 340SAS IRC5 Flexpicker is built with an easy-to-clean, stainless steel exterior. This nimble delta robot is capable of moving objects delicately and quickly.

The wash-down and stainless steel versions are ideal for packing open food.

For a larger payload, consider ordering a 2kg version: IRB 340/s, IRB 340SA/2, or IRB 340SAS/2.

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