Motoman Handling Robot Series

Motoman Handling Robot Series

Motoman GP8

The Motoman GP8 is an advanced material handling robot that offers high speeds, an 8 kg payload, and 727 mm reach. This robot was designed to honor your time and provide you with easy set-up, operation, and maintenance. There is only a single cable needed to connect the manipulator and controller, with an optional location (bottom) for the manipulator cable connection which further helps to reduce interference with walls and also requires less installation space.

The GP8 out competes other robots in its class as it brings axes speeds up by 39%. It also has maximum reduction of acceleration/deceleration times for all robot positions and a data saving feature to allow replacement of wiring harness without connecting a battery.

The compact and slim design of the GP8 has an expansive work envelope as it can be placed closer to other robots while also working deeper into the work space. It also has a reduced interference design to help allow close proximity placement of robots; the reduced S-axis (axis 1) has an interference radium of only 140 mm. Additionally, it has an easy-to-clean surface for use in harsh environments and an IP67 wash down rating. There are also a variety of mounting options available including floor, ceiling, and wall. The GP8 is paired with the advanced YRC1000 controller.

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Robot Specifications

Robot Mass:
Floor, Inverted, Angle

Robot Motion Speed

Robot Motion Range

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