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RobotWorx RW950
RW950 Information

Flexibility defines RobotWorx' RW 950 welding workcell.  This RW950 is customized to fit your application, product, and facility requirements while advancing production.  The RobotWorx RW-950 is built with a common base and forklift pockets, making it easy to install and maneuver.  This common base provides the workcell with a defined, compact footprint.  The RW950 workcell can be customized with tables ranging from 60" to 72" and can be fully integrated with any small to medium sized robot.  

Positioning Flexibility

The RobotWorx RW 950's 180 degree indexing table allows for dual station operations.  While one set of parts is welded, the other table side can be loaded.  This arrangement speeds and simplifies production.  Fixed tooling configurations can be created to suit.

Custom Safety

The RW950 workcell comes with a total safety environment that is tailored to fit customer needs.  The entire system is enclosed with an arc glare safety fence.  The door on either side of the robot is constructed from hard fencing doors and equipped with interlocks.  An arc glare divider protects workers leading one side of the turntable.  Light curtains or safety mats are available to keep workers safe and regulate the indexing turntable.

RW950 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Customization
  • Any welding robot arm
  • Available with a common base
Workcell Specifications
Tables Available from 60 to 72
Robot Any FANUC, Motoman, ABB, or KUKA Robot Arm
Operator Station E-stop, cycle start, alarm lamp, servo on, start, hold, reset, auto/manual selector switch
Condition New or Reconditioned Available