BladeStop™, a Scott brand, has unique, patented technology that will mechanically stop the bandsaw blade as soon as the unit senses human contact with the blade, reducing the risk of serious injury. These bandsaws have the fastest stopping time on the market.

When a gloved hand or finger accidentally comes into contact with the saw, BladeStop will immediately halt. This incredible stopping speed makes the difference between having just a small skin cut or an amputated appendage. The BladeStop Series II technology not only succeeds at keeping the workers hand safe but it also prevents any damage to the blade. As there is no blade change out required, this helps to quickly resume normal activities in an expeditious manner, resulting in minimal downtime.

To meet a variety of needs in the meat industry, there are two products available for your production line; the BladeStop 400 and a BladeStop 380, slightly smaller and lighter version. There are also two sensing methods available with BladeStop. Users can also add GloveCheck™ which uses monitors and cameras to detect different color gloves for different operators at high speed in a zone directly upstream from the meat saw blade. All BladeStop options can be used in cutting other materials, such as carbon or metals.

BladeStop brings countless and immeasurable benefits to the production line. Not only will the worker environment will be a safer and more positive place to be with decreased worker's compensation costs, reduced insurance premiums, and lowered operator turnover and training costs; It also provides an improvement of the company's overall image as an attractive workplace and a boost to the overall morale.

Bladestop wants to help you save your workers from injury and decrease downtime. This amazing product is available worldwide through Scott's offices and also through their international distributors, like us here at! If you are interested in learning more, please call experts at 877-762-6881 or contact representatives online. We look forward to helping serve you and your production needs.