HTS-110, a sister company to, is a global innovator in the design and manufacturing of its range of superconducting compact products. Their products vary from cryogen-free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and MRI systems, custom magnets, high field electromagnets, HTS motor coils, HTS current leads, and Vector Fields Software for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects. Each solution can include a range of standard magnets (up to and beyond 12 tesla) from dipoles, storage ring, to solenoids and, when necessary, expertise on beamline and bending magnets destined for synchrotrons can be provided as well.

The company, based in Wellington, New Zealand, was created in 2004 as Industrial Research Limited (IRL) was conducting world leading research on HTS materials. IRL has many years of experience in wire material and applications development, so HTS, IRL, and AMSC (American Superconductor Corporation) keep in close contact to exchange knowledge, expertise, and ideas. In March 2011, HTS-110 became a part of SCOTT Technology Limited. Since then, HTS-110 continues to work hard and maintain great success in all of its novel products and systems.

HTS-110 Cryogen-free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

HTS stands for High-Temperature Superconductor, or high Tc Superconductor, and consists of a class of ceramics that conduct DC electricity with zero resistance when cooled to cryogenic temperatures (20-77 kelvin). These are different than lower temperature superconductors (LTS) that have a necessary superconducting cooling temperature of around absolute zero.

The availability of HTS helps to provide a better option for copper electromagnets that are limited in their high field applications; permanent magnets which are limited to static and low-field applications; and LTS magnets that have shortfalls from the necessary low temperatures needed.

The people at HTS-110 take pride in the design of their original products that take up less floor space, are transportable, have easier maintenance requirements, and decreased costs when compared to competitors. Each system offers robust cryogen-free refrigeration with a fast cool-down, very high field per unit weight of volume, and industrial ruggedness with high tolerance to vibration.

HTS-110 A SCOTT company

HTS magnets are smaller and lighter than permanent magnets. They are able to function at higher temperatures, are cheaper to use as they require less cooling, and contribute to an overall lower total cost of ownership. Other benefits include an extremely stable system, the ability to withstand fields higher than 23T when required, and flexibility as the system can be varied or turn on and off very easily.

Additionally, the system does not require any special procedures for use and has a fast magnetic field-ramping that enables higher throughput of samples, ultimately speeding up your ROI. Since it is cryogen-free, there are also no cryogen costs, handling, or safety requirements; the cooling is conducted through a closed-cycle cryocooler.

The systems at HTS-110 can be beneficial to a wide range of applications such as materials characterization and hard drive development; online NMR spectroscopy systems for biotech; pharmaceutical, and biomaterials industries; MRI Magnets for medical imaging equipment; clean energy applications including ship propulsion systems; wind turbine manufacture, and super conducting energy storage systems; storage ring and beam line magnets used in synchrotrons for material analysis; and HTS coils for use in motors and generators.

The engineers and experts at HTS-110 work closely with their clients to also help customize and identify the optimal solution for the specific magnet needs. They stay engaged throughout the entire design, manufacture, and sales process and will go on-site to ensure proper installation for more complex systems, when necessary. HTS-110 has observed success after success from all of their client’s incorporation of the systems and has seen the researchers develop new materials more rapidly, while enjoying the convenience of smaller, lighter, transportable, cryogen-free magnets.

It is now easy to see why many companies, such as NMR/MRI, magnetic separation, industrial processing, etc., are switching to HTS. HTS-110 has no plans of jumping off of their innovation train, they are constantly creating solutions for the ever evolving world. They are currently working on innovations for the integration of their systems into cutting-edge tools to help analyze a wide range of materials in applications such as nanotechnology, ultra-high capacity hard drives, and accelerated drug development.

Even though HTS-110 is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, there are design, manufacturing, and sales team distributors also found in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Italy and the USA, Canada and Mexico.

At, we are proud to be a part of this global team. Our team of experts at and HTS-110, will work together to ensure fast deliveries of top-quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction, anywhere on the globe. Having diverse sister companies all over the world helps us cater to our own customer’s needs and locations better. This ultimately helps representatives work with spend quality time looking at the customer’s current conditions, hear and see their specific requests first-hand, and begin to turn their wishes into a reality.

To learn more about HTS-110 and what they offer, please visit their website here or call us at 877-762-6881 to discuss.