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SCOTT® Technology Limited

SCOTT Technology Limited, RobotWorx' parent company, specializes in the manufacturing and design of automated production and machinery. The company was established in 1913 as an engineering company and has slowly evolved since.  The American economy plummet in the early 2000s drove SCOTT to realize the necessity and importance of diversification. So, they immediately dove into the Asian and European markets with appliance manufacturing systems and other niche market areas.

If you are seeking lighting for a cold food processing facility or factory than SCOTT LED is the solution for you. Scott LED, a sister company of RobotWorx, is truly an innovator for commercial and industrial high-quality lighting. Excellent operation and luminosity combines with energy efficiency to offer top of the line lighting performance.

SCOTT Fabtech was created when SCOTT Technology Limited realized there was a huge need for a business that conducted end-to-end fabrication. So, SCOTT combined its ingenuity and innovative skills with its fabrication skills to create Fabtech.SCOTT Fabtech, a sister company of RobotWorx specializes in waterjet cutting and traditional precision machining, fitting, and fabrication work.

SCOTT Automation  + Robotics, our sister company, is an award winning team that is dedicated to serve the customized needs of production-critical companies with world-class automation and robotic solutions. Formerly known as Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR), SCOTT Automation + Robotics is now a part of our parent company, SCOTT Technology Ltd. Group.

ROCKLABS design specializes in customized Mechanized and Automated Sample Preparation Systems that are built around the requirements and needs of the customer. They have become a global innovator in the sample preparation equipment field by combining the art of ingenuity and technical excellence with the ability to listen and adapt in order to best create innovative solutions for sample preparation equipment.

The humma honey-wax separator, built by a sister company of RobotWorx, was intentionally and thoughtfully designed to help save money and time. It is an innovative, easy-to-use technology that perfectly separates honey and wax. The humma system provides the customer with an advanced unit that produces some of the cleanest, highest quality honey and driest wax available. There isn’t any further processing required for the consumer seeking this clean honey or dry wax, the humma does it all.

HTS-110, a sister company to RobotWorx, is a global innovator in the design and manufacturing of its range of superconducting compact products. Their products vary from cryogen-free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and MRI systems, custom magnets, high field electromagnets, HTS motor coils, HTS current leads, and Vector Fields Software for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects.

BladeStop, a SCOTT Technology brand, improves safety among the meat industry and other cutting applications.The BladeStop Series II Bandsaw has unique, patented technology that will mechanically stop the bandsaw blade as soon as the unit senses human contact with the blade, reducing the risk of serious injury.When a gloved hand or finger accidentally comes into contact with the saw, BladeStop will immediately halt in a fast 0.009 seconds.

Applied Sorting Technologies, a sister company of RobotWorx, is based out of Australia and has over 20 years of experience in the business of x-ray food inspection equipment. The company began their work in the diamond recovery equipment using x-ray fluorescence for Argyle Diamonds. This experience, along with the diversity and background of the team, helps to provide an exceptional knowledge base to best help satisfy the customer's needs.