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Scott Milktech

SCOTT MilktechSCOTT Milktech, a sister company of RobotWorx, is an automated system that helps farmers better accomplish the most time-intensive task for automated milking, the cupping of the cows.  Development of Milktech began by farmers in 2008 with the acknowledgment of the challenges and changes that the dairy industry is facing. For instance, the herd size in New Zealand is increasing, resulting in larger-scale farms requiring more money to pay their employees.  

Solution? Milktech. The process is performed by using revolutionary robotics and vision technology and is flexible enough to be adapted to existing rotary dairy sheds or installed in new dairy conversions. It is leading-edge technology developed by farmers in New Zealand for pastoral farming models, to help offer an economic advantage for farms with large herds of more than 500 cows. The entire system includes an industrial robot, a MESA 3D time of flight camera, proprietary vision and analysis software developed on a C++ platform, proprietary hardware and software that interfaces with the rotary platform, a tail deflector and a milking cups receipt locator. These components have all combined to create a positive change with the increase of efficiency of labor and the opportunity to make even more improvements and profitability in the future.

Advantages of Milktech

SCOTT Milktech helps in labor reduction as it can replace one milker with a robot. It is also a huge advantage for animal husbandry as it allows the reallocation of resources to other places on the dairy farm. SCOTT Milktech can positively impact the overall productivity and efficiency of each farm. The system ultimately offers an increase in lifestyle and benefits as the physical demands of farming are reduced without a parallel in the reduction in revenue.

SCOTT’s headquarters are in Dunedin, New Zealand; but the company is spread across New Zealand, operating in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. They continue to strengthen and grow their global presence with sales and service offices found in Dallas, TX and Marion, Ohio-USA; Qingdao and Shanghai-China; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth-Australia; Bergamo-Italy; Vancouver-Canada; and Santiago-Chile.

Having diverse sister companies all over the world helps us cater to our own customer’s needs and locations better. We are able to collaborate on a global scale in order to ensure your automation system is perfectly catered for your needs.

At RobotWorx, we are proud to be a part of this global team. To learn more, visit the Milktech website or call us at 740-251-4312 to discuss.

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