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Global Collaboration for Successful Palletizing System Order

Our team of experts at RobotWorx and Scott Automation+Robotics are working together to ensure a speedy delivery of a top-quality products anywhere on the globe.  We recently have had a successful order due to our teamwork efforts.  RobotWorx received an inquiry on their website, www.robots.com, from a dairy company located in Australia in search of a palletizing system to handle milk powder boxes.

Custom Egg Carton Palletizing Solution with Fanuc R-2000iA/125L

A company manufacturing cardboard egg crates and drink holders in Indiana wanted to speed up their pick and place process. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with three reconditioned FANUC robots, two synchronized to pick up egg crates and one to pick up drink holders.Application Goal:To pick up and place egg crates and drink holders from conveyors and onto pallets at a faster rate than previously achieved through manual applications.

Fanuc M-710iC/20L R-30iA Palletizing Solution

A roofing company Portland, Oregon needed to add a step to their automation process, putting slip sheets in between their palletized products. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a complete reconditioned FANUC system that was able to complete the new required step. Application Goal: Use a robotic system to put a slip sheet between every four layers of roofing material that is palletized.

Custom System to Move and Cut Bags Featuring 2 FANUC Robots

A manufacturer in Aurora, IL wanted to eliminate a worker from their bag dumping station for ergonomic and health reasons. The bag dumping station releases fumed silica particles that can cause irritation. RobotWorx supplied the company with a two-robot FANUC system to move and cut open the bags during the dumping process, thus eliminating the need for a worker to be exposed to the harsh environment. Application Goals: Elimination of a worker from a position that can pose health risks.

Custom Welding Workcell featuring a Motoman UP20-6 Welding Robot

A manufacturer in Indiana was looking for a system to weld aluminum truck bed extenders. RobotWorx supplied the company with a custom workcell using a Motoman UP 20-6 robot, a Motoman XRC controller and a 180-degree pneumatic indexing table, along with other features and packages.Application GoalsThe customer needed a system that would produce strong, high-quality welds on their truck bed extenders, which would also enhance the quality of their product.

RobotWorx Custom Workcell with new Motoman UP20D

Custom Workcell with UP20D, Weiss turntable and ultrasonic knife EOAT RobotWorx Solution An automotive manufacturer from Shelbyville, Indiana was looking for a system to automate their cutting application. They currently have workers cutting excess carpet and materials by hand. RobotWorx supplied the company with a custom workcell using a Weiss turntable, a Motoman UP20D robot, a DX100 controller and an ultrasonic knife end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT). The workcell system reduced their cycle times.

Custom-Built Machine Tending Workcell with FANUC R-2000iA/165F Industrial Robot

RobotWorx' engineers and sales staff designed and manufactured a robotic system that automates a portion of a SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) tank line.  This machine tending application required aluminum cylinders to be moved from a conveyor to a lube station, then to an induction heater, then to a necking press.Working with the customer, RobotWorx discovered the manufacturing needs most important to the customer and made sure to address and achieve these goals.

Multi-Application Workcell With a Motoman UP50 XRC Robot

When approached by a washroom equipment manufacturer about automating one of its lines, engineers at RobotWorx jumped at the chance to design a robotic system that performs multiple applications. The customer needed an automated system to move pipes, drill holes, and insert end caps into steel pipes. Application Goals: Versatility: The customer manufactures many types of washroom fixtures and wanted to use one automated system to work on two different sized pipes.

FANUC M-1iA Robot for Picking and Placing Small Springs

A wire spring manufacturer needed a solution to a tedious, labor-intensive pick and place packaging line. RobotWorx chose a delta-style FANUC M-1iA/0.5A robot to automate the application. The unique, parallel-link design of the M-1iA provided the speed and care required for this application.Application Goals:Automate Manual Job: The application requires that tiny springs made from 0.010" wire, each with just 6.

FANUC ArcMate 120iB/10L Robots Arc Weld Table Legs

When a company needed an affordable robotic solution to weld table legs, RobotWorx integrated two systems to meet every requirement.Application Goals:Weld Quality: Manufacturing company needed twin systems for effectively welding table legs to table tops. Final weldments needed to be strong and neat in appearance.Affordability: The company sought a welding solution that was low-cost and maintained top quality performance.

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