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Motoman ArcWorld 6300 Arc Welding System

Our staff carefully listened to the needs of a company in Pine Level, NC that works with precision sheet metal products. The RobotWorx team of experts worked with the company and discussed a variety of options to see what would be the best fit for their business and price point.

Global Collaboration for Successful Palletizing System Order

Our team of experts at RobotWorx and Scott Automation+Robotics are working together to ensure a speedy delivery of a top-quality products anywhere on the globe.  We recently have had a successful order due to our teamwork efforts.  RobotWorx received an inquiry on their website, www.robots.com, from a dairy company located in Australia in search of a palletizing system to handle milk powder boxes.

FANUC ArcMate 100iC/6L provides efficient MIG Welding

A company in Warren, PA wanted to purchase a robot welding cell that could improve their MIG welding application. RobotWorx designed and built the company a custom welding cell complete with a FANUC robot and controller, Lincoln Electric welding package, positioner, and safety package.   Application Goal:To improve the customer’s MIG welding application by integrating a welding cell into the production line.

Dual Motoman UP6 robots in ArcWorld 6200 increase production and quality in welds

A company in Lugoff, South Carolina reached out to RobotWorx to purchase a MIG welding cell that could improve their overall productivity. RobotWorx was able to deliver a Motoman welding cell complete with reconditioned robots, a positioner, welding package, and safety package.Application Goal:To increase the speed, efficiency, and quality of the MIG welding application.

Dual Motoman HP6 NX100 Welding System Improves Speed and Functionality

A welding company in Neosho, Missouri wanted a complete welding work cell to improve speed and functionality of their welding application. RobotWorx was able to provide them with a custom welding cell using Motoman robots.Application Goals:The company’s goal was to speed up their welding operation.RobotWorx Solution:Robots: The custom work cell has two Motoman HP6 dual independent arm robots that are able to move independently or in conjunction with each other on a job.

Faster, Safer Welds with a Dual FANUC ArcMate 100iB RJ3iB System

A welding company in Elkhart, Indiana wanted to order a welding cell that would not only improve the welding application and allow them to fill orders faster, but also would better protect their workers from harm. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a custom Genesis welding cell with dual FANUC robots and controllers, along with a safety package and welding package.

Custom Egg Carton Palletizing Solution with Fanuc R-2000iA/125L

A company manufacturing cardboard egg crates and drink holders in Indiana wanted to speed up their pick and place process. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with three reconditioned FANUC robots, two synchronized to pick up egg crates and one to pick up drink holders.Application Goal:To pick up and place egg crates and drink holders from conveyors and onto pallets at a faster rate than previously achieved through manual applications.

Motoman ArcWorld 6200 Custom Welding Workcell Increases Production

A machining company in Marion, Ohio wanted to increase the speed, efficiency, and quality of their welding application when welding one inch thick steel by switching from manual welding to automated welding. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a Motoman ArcWorld 6200 custom welding cell, complete with two Motoman robots.Application Goal:To increase the speed, efficiency, and quality when welding one inch thick steel, while also increasing safety for workers.

Fanuc M-710iC/20L R-30iA Palletizing Solution

A roofing company Portland, Oregon needed to add a step to their automation process, putting slip sheets in between their palletized products. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a complete reconditioned FANUC system that was able to complete the new required step. Application Goal: Use a robotic system to put a slip sheet between every four layers of roofing material that is palletized.

Custom Palletizing with Fanuc R2000iA/200F to Increase Fiberglass Production

A company in Washington State needed a robot system that could speed up the production of their fiberglass and plastic production, de-palletizing and re-palletizing work pieces. RobotWorx provided the company with an FANUC R-2000iA/200F robot with a gripper and safety package.Application Goals:The company wanted to speed up their palletizing application for their fiberglass and plastics production.

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