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Robotic Cell Integrated to Arc Weld Christmas Tree Stands

RobotWorx' pre-engineered RW1000 workcell provided an arc welding solution for a manufacturer of Christmas tree stands. When the company first approached RobotWorx, they were unsure as to the feasibility of the project. RobotWorx tested sample parts to make sure the welding results met with the company's quality standards. The finished system improved workplace safety, cycle times, and weld quality.

Machine Tending System with Motoman HP20 NX100

Woodworking and robots? While this may not be a combination that comes to mind instantly, the woodworking industry has a number of repetitive and potentially hazardous tasks that are perfect candidates for robotic automation. When a wooden staircase manufacturer needed a robot to tend their riser-drilling machine, RobotWorx integrated a customized robotic system to meet each and every financial and application goal.

CMT Welding Exhaust Heat Shields for Motorcycles

A metal forming company needed a robotic welding system that would create consistent, cosmetic welds on thin exhaust heat shields for motorcycles. Faced with the company's stringent weld requirements, RobotWorx chose to use Fronius Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) technology. This innovative welding process provided the low heat signature necessary to affix mounting clips without distorting the shields.

Fanuc M-410iB/140H Speeds Up Palletizing

Project Summary: Manually palletizing bags can be a boring, back-breaking task. This customer needed a fast and efficient system to palletize bags of absorbent minerals used for sports fields. RobotWorx integrated a complete, custom solution that surpassed cycle time, safety, and workspace goals. Articulated industrial robots are not only well-suited for such repetitive, dull tasks, they are capable of performing these tasks in a more consistent and fast manner.

Welding with Vision-Equipped Fanuc M-710iC/20L Robots

Project Summary: When a tank manufacturing company needed  two welding robots to meet specific quality  requirements, RobotWorx delivered. The solution integrates extended-reach robots with vision peripherals, providing optimal weld results. Application Goals: High Quality Welds: Final robotic system must provide fully welded seams. The tanks being welded are constructed from hot rolled steel 3/8" thick.

Shear Machine Tending with Fanuc R-2000iA

Project Summary  RobotWorx integrated a material handling / shear machine tending solution to fit precise cycle, part, and work envelope specifications for a parts manufacturer. Application Goals: Material Handling: Integrate a robot to pick up bar stock weighing as much as 140lbs and then stack them neatly. Tooling Feasibility: Integrate and test preexisting magnetic gripper EOAT for suitability.

Fanuc S-430iW Robots Palletize Ammunition Cases

Project Summary: Out with the old, in with the newer, reconditioned robots! This customer was looking for an affordable upgrade for a multi-robot palletizing configuration. RobotWorx supplied and integrated five Fanuc robots into the preexisting conveyor arrangement, and met all application needs. Application Goals: Work with Preexisting System: Customer needed a group of robots that would replace worn out models.

Material Handling Steel Doors with R-2000iA

Customer required an affordable robotic solution to lift heavy, commercial-quality, cold rolled and galvanized steel doors to and from paint line load bars. RobotWorx' reconditioned Fanuc R-2000iA/210F provided the necessary robust dependability.Application Goals:The customer was looking for a low-cost, reliable Motoman or Fanuc model to automate their paint line with a payload of at least 165kg.

EDM Machine Tending with Fanuc R2000iA Track System

Project Summary: When an injection mold manufacturing company needed a flexible track system, RobotWorx created an efficient solution featuring a Fanuc R-2000iA RJ3iB. The workcell was built to tend an EDM (electric discharge machining) machine. Application Goals: Payload: Required a medium to large sized robot with a payload capacity of at least 70kg.   Track Length: Looking for a track system with 15-20m of travel.

Reconditioned Workcell with Fanuc ArcMate 100i RJ2

Project Summary: A lawn tool company looking for a self-contained welding system that met specific quality and affordability requirements found their solution with a reconditioned cell from RobotWorx. Application Goals: Quality Welding - Attain consistent, top quality welding results. Flexibility - Required a robotic workcell with the ability to be reprogrammed/reconfigured for different parts and applications.

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