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Cutting Plastic with a Fanuc S-430iW RJ3 Robot

Project Summary: RobotWorx transformed a manual cutting application with a faster, more efficient robotic cutting solution. The new system made it possible for this agricultural supply company to improve output and maintain quality standards. Application Goals: Cut .09" thick plastic liners for agricultural vehicles.  Improve application quality, consistency, and speed. Robot's work envelope needed to access a 6' x 6' area.

Reconditioned Fanuc M16i for Thermal Spraying

Project Summary:  This particular customer was looking for the right robot model to thermal spray aerospace industry parts. The robot had to meet specific payload, reach, and speed requirements.   Application Goals: Installation Versatility: Conserved floorspace with ceiling installation. Flexible 6-axis capability can accommodate many different shapes - concave, convex, angles, etc.

Motoman SK16 System for Dispensing Adhesive

  Project Summary: Custom-built system with 2' slide approach and reconditioned robot improved application speed, efficiency, accuracy, and throughput. System designed to dispense adhesive. Application Goals: Suitable Positioner: To accomodate the customer's application and parts, an indexing table and the proper tooling had to be fashioned. Robot Approach: RobotWorx created a 2 foot slide so robot could move back and forth from the table in synch with the table.

Motoman HP20-6 Workcell Welds Military Gas Tanks

Project Summary: Unique turnkey welding workcell designed to meet customer specifications. Robotic system had to be flexible - able to weld two different types of military fuel tanks. The workcell increased cycle speed, conserved product and cost, and improved quality. A complete safety environment was built into the system as well. Application Goals: Quality: With robotic welding, the results were consistent and thorough.

Reconditioned Fanuc M16i Outfitted with Dual Grippers

Project Summary: RobotWorx provided machine tool supplier with a suitable material handling robot to integrate into their existing system. Robot was equipped with appropriate tooling and met company's need for affordability and top quality. Application Goals: Dual ended gripper for picking cylindrical blanks 6-10" long and weighing up to 10lbs. Grippers mounted back to back and allowed 1.5" of travel.

Reconditioned ArcMate 120iL Integrated for Welding Application

Long Reach Arc Welding Solution with ARC Mate 120iL Project Summary: Thermoforming injection molding company required a welding solution with a long reach. RobotWorx built an affordable system complete with a reconditioned robot, new power source, and total safety environment. Application Goals: Weld Quality: The ARC Mate 120iL provided consistent welding quality. Flexible and accurate, it help to increase throughput and cycle speed.

RobotWorx Welding Workcell with New Robot and Manual Turntable

RobotWorx Pre-engineered Workcell Built for Ammo-Box Welding Project Summary: Metal fabricating company required a custom-built workcell with a manual turntable for military arc welding application.  RobotWorx created a RW900 workcell which in turn improved safety, weld quality, throughput, and cycle time. Application Goals: Welding both aluminum and steel components for ammo-style boxes measuring 3'L x 12"W x 8"D.

Reconditioned Motoman Workcell for Welding Automobile Roofs

The company desired to increase their cycle times and throughput with a Ferris wheel positioner, efficient welding solution that would create less downtime.  RobotWorx excels at integrating reconditioned robot systems for multi-welding automotive components that help to increase speeds, safety, and improve the overall weld quality.

Robot Feasibility Study - Integrating Multiple Applications

Feasibility Study - Integrating Multiple Robot Applications The objective of the proposed project was to integrate a robotic system with the ability to dispense raw material and remove a finished shower base from a molding machine. Project Focus Points The first step was ensuring application feasibility. The vacuum system and dispensing method tests were conducted separately. The second step was testing a prototype set of tooling designed for the two applications.

Feasibility Study for Bag Palletizing Application

Robot Palletizing Feasibility Study  The objective of the feasibility study was to integrate a robotic system with the ability to palletize different sized bags onto an outgoing skid with a slip-sheet placed between each palletized layer for a multinational pharmaceutical company. Phase 1: Project Focus Points Tested end of arm tooling (EOAT) for consistent bag pick-up. Tested EOAT for consistent slip-sheet placement.

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