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Feasibility Study for Robotic Deburring

Robotic Deburring Feasibility Study The objective of the proposed project was to integrate a robotic system to deburr metal flash from the exterior of various sizes of hardened steel drill shanks for an Ohioan drilling and cutting solutions company. Project Focus Points Testing the robotic arm's reach envelope to ensure complete shank surface and drill bit slot area coverage. Testing the end of arm tooling (EOAT) for the deburring application.

Sanding Steel Safes: A Look at Security Products

Robot Feasibility - Sanding Steel Safes The objective of this feasibility study was to integrate a robotic system to sand the exteriors of welded steel safes of different sizes. Four Project Phases: Testing the robotic arm's reach envelope to ensure surface area sanding coverage. Testing end of arm tooling (EOAT) for sanding application. Building the proven EOAT and integrating production peripherals for final simulation before shipment.

Used Welding Robot Finds Home in South America

Case Study - International Robot Sales Fanalca S.A. is a motorcycle assembly and manufacturing company for Honda located in Cali, Columbia. Thanks to RobotWorx, a robotics integrator based in Ohio, they were able to install their first welding robot. Fast service, low cost robots, and a strong Internet presence brought this international company to RobotWorx' door.   The Robot Solution: Fanalca needed a robot to perform MIG welds on motorcycle fuel tanks.

Integration for Robotic Flame Spray Application

Integration for Robotic Flame Spray Application Project Summary: Met all robot equipment and project quality needs. Unique flame spraying job required a complete feasibility study and robot model evaluation. Thermal spraying involves melting material with an oxyfuel gas flame and propelling it onto the part.

Robot and Conveyor System for Palletizing Bags of Beans

Robot and Conveyor System for Palletizing Bags of Beans Project Summary: Affordable, robot palletizing system streamlined and accelerated bag processing for a company handling more than 100,000 bags of edible beans per year. Application Goals: Place bags onto slip sheets in railcars Restructure process to handle 5-7 bags a minute. Design tooling configuration that can adjust to handle two different sized bags weighing 100lbs and 110lbs.

Robot Integrated to Unload Trash Cans from Injection Molding Machine

Our staff carefully listened to the needs of a company that wanted to cut cycle times and improve their machine tending application.  The RobotWorx team of experts worked with the company and discussed a variety of options to see what would be the best fit for their business and price point. RobotWorx decided on the perfect solution for this  business inquiry, and decided on a Reconditioned 6-axis Motoman UP130 robot.

Reconditioned Assembly Robot Constructs Lock Fixture

A company was searching to successfully improve cycle times while also increasing throughput with robotic precision assembly solution. Application Goals:The company was in need of a nimble robot that could assemble four parts of a lock fixture: spring, washer, a stamping, and T-shaped casting. They were looking for the end product to weigh only two ounces with a 5/8" diameter and length of 1 1/2".

RobotWorx Arc Welding Cell with Motoman UP6

The company was seeking a decrease in their operational costs and an increase in production by replacing an existing workcell with an updated automation system.Application Goals:This company wanted to produce consistent, high-quality weldments. They needed a system to help minimize any danger of a worker/operator injury from arc glare, fumes, smoke.  The robot workcell desired would perform with consistent quality and imrpove the overall throughput and productivity.

Turnkey RobotWorx Workcell for Welding Pressure Tanks

Turnkey RobotWorx Workcell for Welding Pressure Tanks  Project Summary: Custom workcell designed to perform exact welds in a consistent, safe, and quick manner. Application Goals: Weld .5" diameter release valves to DOT 39 pressure tanks with cosmetic precision. Improve throughput and weld consistency. Minimize wasted material by eliminating weld mistakes. Greater worker safety because of arc glare protection.

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