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Motoman ES165 XRC Spot Welds Automotive Parts

An automotive parts manufacturer needed an industrial robot to perform precise spot welding tasks. RobotWorx helped this customer find the right robotic solution for their application. Application Goals: Versatility: The customer produces several automotive parts that need to be spot welded. In order to save money and floor space, they required a robot that can be programmed to spot weld four different parts.

FANUC M-1iA Robot for Picking and Placing Small Springs

A wire spring manufacturer needed a solution to a tedious, labor-intensive pick and place packaging line. RobotWorx chose a delta-style FANUC M-1iA/0.5A robot to automate the application. The unique, parallel-link design of the M-1iA provided the speed and care required for this application.Application Goals:Automate Manual Job: The application requires that tiny springs made from 0.010" wire, each with just 6.

Plasma Welding Aerospace Parts with a Panasonic TA-1400

Many manufacturing companies invest in robotic workcells to help them create more products at a faster rate. In contrast, companies that make products for the aerospace industry have a completely different focus. For aerospace manufacturers the quality of the end product takes precedence over the quantity of the products produced. Aerospace components are manufactured in small batches, making workcell cycle times and throughput less relevant.

FANUC ArcMate 120iB/10L Robots Arc Weld Table Legs

When a company needed an affordable robotic solution to weld table legs, RobotWorx integrated two systems to meet every requirement.Application Goals:Weld Quality: Manufacturing company needed twin systems for effectively welding table legs to table tops. Final weldments needed to be strong and neat in appearance.Affordability: The company sought a welding solution that was low-cost and maintained top quality performance.

Motoman UP50 Robot Integrated to Depalletize Tiles

Many customers want a flexible robotic system that will allow them to transition easily from one application to another. This particular tile manufacturing company needed their robotic solution to provide for both present and future requirements. While the system was initially set up to de-palletize vertically arranged tiles, the company had plans to use the same robot for cutting, drilling, and other material handling jobs further down the road.

Motoman EA1900N System for Welding Store Display Units

A store fixture fabricator needed to replace a manual welding application with a robotic solution to increase cycle times and weld quality. RobotWorx built a flexible and low-cost robot system featuring a Motoman EA1900N that provided the speed and consistency required to weld the steel fixtures together while remaining low-cost. **Welding system video** Application Goals: Feasibility: The store display units are made out of low carbon steel parts.

Robotic Cell Integrated to Arc Weld Christmas Tree Stands

RobotWorx' pre-engineered RW1000 workcell provided an arc welding solution for a manufacturer of Christmas tree stands. When the company first approached RobotWorx, they were unsure as to the feasibility of the project. RobotWorx tested sample parts to make sure the welding results met with the company's quality standards. The finished system improved workplace safety, cycle times, and weld quality.

Fanuc R-2000iA/165F System for Cutting Sinks

A manufacturer of sinks needed a robotic system to remove resin flash. Sample sinks were sent to RobotWorx' facility to test the application's feasibility. Not only was a solution possible, RobotWorx built a custom workcell that effectively trimmed the molding flash and exceeded the customer's cycle time, quality, configuration, needs. Application Goals:EOAT: The company required a smooth, cosmetic, and consistent cut.

Machine Tending System with Motoman HP20 NX100

Woodworking and robots? While this may not be a combination that comes to mind instantly, the woodworking industry has a number of repetitive and potentially hazardous tasks that are perfect candidates for robotic automation. When a wooden staircase manufacturer needed a robot to tend their riser-drilling machine, RobotWorx integrated a customized robotic system to meet each and every financial and application goal.

CMT Welding Exhaust Heat Shields for Motorcycles

A metal forming company needed a robotic welding system that would create consistent, cosmetic welds on thin exhaust heat shields for motorcycles. Faced with the company's stringent weld requirements, RobotWorx chose to use Fronius Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) technology. This innovative welding process provided the low heat signature necessary to affix mounting clips without distorting the shields.

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