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Fanuc M-410iB/140H Speeds Up Palletizing

Project Summary: Manually palletizing bags can be a boring, back-breaking task. This customer needed a fast and efficient system to palletize bags of absorbent minerals used for sports fields. RobotWorx integrated a complete, custom solution that surpassed cycle time, safety, and workspace goals. Articulated industrial robots are not only well-suited for such repetitive, dull tasks, they are capable of performing these tasks in a more consistent and fast manner.

Welding with Vision-Equipped Fanuc M-710iC/20L Robots

Project Summary: When a tank manufacturing company needed  two welding robots to meet specific quality  requirements, RobotWorx delivered. The solution integrates extended-reach robots with vision peripherals, providing optimal weld results. Application Goals: High Quality Welds: Final robotic system must provide fully welded seams. The tanks being welded are constructed from hot rolled steel 3/8" thick.

Welding Solution with Reconditioned Motoman EA1900 Robot

Project Summary: For many customers, the first robot purchase can be stressful. RobotWorx helped ease this new robot buyer's mind by supplying a reliable, reconditioned robot for less. VIDEO: See the EA1900 in Action!  Application Goals: Preferred Robot: Company was looking for a newer robot with a mid-sized work envelope. The reach had to equal 50" at the very least. Weld Quality: Finished cell had to provide exceptional MIG weld results.

RW 1050 System for TIG and MIG Welding

Project Summary: When a fabrication company needed an affordable, complete welding system with the flexibility to switch between TIG and MIG applications, RobotWorx integrated the RW1050 to suit. Application Goals: Top Welding Quality: The robot, peripherals, and overall system construction were designed to perform tig and mig welding. Weldments must be effective, accurate, and quick. Flexibility: Customer required tig/mig interchangeability.

Shear Machine Tending with Fanuc R-2000iA

Project Summary  RobotWorx integrated a material handling / shear machine tending solution to fit precise cycle, part, and work envelope specifications for a parts manufacturer. Application Goals: Material Handling: Integrate a robot to pick up bar stock weighing as much as 140lbs and then stack them neatly. Tooling Feasibility: Integrate and test preexisting magnetic gripper EOAT for suitability.

Material Handling Workcell with Fanuc M-6iB

To keep up with constant product changes and small batch manufacturing, this customer required a material handling solution that was adaptive. RobotWorx' custom workcell solution is flexible enough to accommodate this, while also maintaining a compact footprint.Application Goals:Application: Needed initial integration to handle 2" diameter cylindrical parts with accuracy and speed.Footprint: The workcell had to fit within a compact footprint.

Two Fanuc S-420iF Robots for Dispensing Urethane

  Project Summary: When a plastics company needed to replace aging dispensing robots, RobotWorx' extensive inventory made it possible for that business to stick with the familiar and purchase identical reconditioned robot models.   Application Goals: Payload and Reach Requirements: Company required robots with specific payload and reach capabilities. Each robot had to be able to access a 96" x 21" space.

Fanuc S-430iW Robots Palletize Ammunition Cases

Project Summary: Out with the old, in with the newer, reconditioned robots! This customer was looking for an affordable upgrade for a multi-robot palletizing configuration. RobotWorx supplied and integrated five Fanuc robots into the preexisting conveyor arrangement, and met all application needs. Application Goals: Work with Preexisting System: Customer needed a group of robots that would replace worn out models.

Motoman SP100 Palletizes Wheel Assemblies

Project Summary: Company sought a strong, sturdy, and quick robot with specific capabilities to palletize wheel assemblies. RobotWorx' reconditioned palletizer met every condition including cycle time, payload, reach, and affordability. Application Goals: Lifting Capacity: Palletizer must be able to handle at least 91kg. Reach Capability: Company required a palletizing robot with a 4-6 foot reach.

Material Handling Steel Doors with R-2000iA

Customer required an affordable robotic solution to lift heavy, commercial-quality, cold rolled and galvanized steel doors to and from paint line load bars. RobotWorx' reconditioned Fanuc R-2000iA/210F provided the necessary robust dependability.Application Goals:The customer was looking for a low-cost, reliable Motoman or Fanuc model to automate their paint line with a payload of at least 165kg.

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