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Tig Welding with RW1000 Workcell

Project Summary: RobotWorx' customized RW1000 workcell matches stringent TIG welding requirements for aerospace component manufacturer.  Application Goals: TIG Welding Performance - Require precise, thorough welds with excellent appearance. Speed/Accuracy ­- Workcell must be outfitted with a robot that will work efficiently and with exactitude. Safety ­- System components and operator must be completely protected from TIG welding heat/spark/glare.

Reconditioned Motoman ArcWorld 6000

Project Summary: Reconditioned workcell meets customer needs for efficient, quick welding performance. Application Goals: Part Accommodation: Workcell had to be customized to fit customer company's part dimensions and weight. Familiarity: Customer was in search of a Motoman robot (preferably with XRC controller) to match with preexisting collection.  Performance: Workcell must meet specific needs for accuracy and speed.

EDM Machine Tending with Fanuc R2000iA Track System

Project Summary: When an injection mold manufacturing company needed a flexible track system, RobotWorx created an efficient solution featuring a Fanuc R-2000iA RJ3iB. The workcell was built to tend an EDM (electric discharge machining) machine. Application Goals: Payload: Required a medium to large sized robot with a payload capacity of at least 70kg.   Track Length: Looking for a track system with 15-20m of travel.

Motoman ArcWorld 6200 Dual Welding Cell

  Project Summary: Reconditioned Motoman ArcWorld 6200 system proves the best answer for welding industrial scaffold equipment. Application Goals: Increased Efficiency and Speed - Hardworking dual robot workcell with speedy ferris wheel positioners to allow the company to increase throughput. Savings - Conserve materials and product with efficient welding set-up. Conserve finances with reconditioned components.

Reconditioned Workcell with Fanuc ArcMate 100i RJ2

Project Summary: A lawn tool company looking for a self-contained welding system that met specific quality and affordability requirements found their solution with a reconditioned cell from RobotWorx. Application Goals: Quality Welding - Attain consistent, top quality welding results. Flexibility - Required a robotic workcell with the ability to be reprogrammed/reconfigured for different parts and applications.

Pre-engineered RW1050 Workcell Welding Solution

Project Summary: Customized arc welding system built for metalworking company achieves safety and productivity goals while remaining affordable. Application Goals: Productivity - Improve overall throughput and  considerably cut cycle times. Speed/Quality/Accuracy - Increase weld quality and accuracy while speeding production. Affordability - Meet low-cost requirement with a reconditioned workcell.

Cutting Plastic with a Fanuc S-430iW RJ3 Robot

Project Summary: RobotWorx transformed a manual cutting application with a faster, more efficient robotic cutting solution. The new system made it possible for this agricultural supply company to improve output and maintain quality standards. Application Goals: Cut .09" thick plastic liners for agricultural vehicles.  Improve application quality, consistency, and speed. Robot's work envelope needed to access a 6' x 6' area.

Dual Panasonic VR-016GII Dispensing System

Project Summary: RobotWorx integrated two reconditioned robots for an adhesive spraying application. The customer's chief concerns were safety, affordability and top-quality dispensing performance. Application Goals: Improved Performance: Dispensing glue into a small channel within a 2" square plastic furniture frame. Adhesive spraying had to be accurate, quick, and thorough.  Better Conservation: Keep waste to a minimum with accurate dispensing.

Reconditioned Fanuc M16i for Thermal Spraying

Project Summary:  This particular customer was looking for the right robot model to thermal spray aerospace industry parts. The robot had to meet specific payload, reach, and speed requirements.   Application Goals: Installation Versatility: Conserved floorspace with ceiling installation. Flexible 6-axis capability can accommodate many different shapes - concave, convex, angles, etc.

Motoman SK16 System for Dispensing Adhesive

  Project Summary: Custom-built system with 2' slide approach and reconditioned robot improved application speed, efficiency, accuracy, and throughput. System designed to dispense adhesive. Application Goals: Suitable Positioner: To accomodate the customer's application and parts, an indexing table and the proper tooling had to be fashioned. Robot Approach: RobotWorx created a 2 foot slide so robot could move back and forth from the table in synch with the table.

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