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Custom Egg Carton Palletizing Solution with Fanuc R-2000iA/125L

A company manufacturing cardboard egg crates and drink holders in Indiana wanted to speed up their pick and place process. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with three reconditioned FANUC robots, two synchronized to pick up egg crates and one to pick up drink holders.r2000ia 125l palletizing robot

Application Goal:

To pick up and place egg crates and drink holders from conveyors and onto pallets at a faster rate than previously achieved through manual applications.

RobotWorx Solution

Robot: The systems used two reconditioned FANUC R-2000iA/125L robots for the egg crates and one reconditioned FANUC R-2000iA/125L robot for the drink holders, all controlled with FANUC RJ3iB controllers. 

Grippers: The robots are all equipped with custom two-finger pneumatic grippers, which will be run with low air pressure to maintain the integrity of the cardboard containers they are handling.

Safety Package: RobotWorx installed light curtains and an operator station with the system to ensure that workers will not be injured by moving robots or conveyors. 

Warranty: The system has a full-one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install: RobotWorx work cells come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility.

The customer chose RobotWorx to provide them with a system that could speed up their egg crate and drink holder pick and place application. RobotWorx was able to provide the customer with a system that met their expectations, while also improving the health of their workers by freeing them tedious labor of bending and twisting, which could cause injuries to the arms, neck, and back. All in all, the company is happy with their system.

View video here.

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