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EDM Machine Tending with Fanuc R2000iA Track System

Project Summary:

When an injection mold manufacturing company needed a flexible track system, RobotWorx created an efficient solution featuring a Fanuc R-2000iA RJ3iB. The workcell was built to tend an EDM (electric discharge machining) machine.

Application Goals:

  • Payload: Required a medium to large sized robot with a payload capacity of at least 70kg.
  • Track Length: Looking for a track system with 15-20m of travel. 

  • Safety: Needed a complete safety system to enclose robot and protect other components. 

  • Speed: Must achieve specific speed and repeatability goals.

  • Flexibility: Robot system designed to allow for future expansions. Eventually the system will be extended with one robot tending as many as four EDM machines.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  • Fanuc Robot Track System -Reconditioned Fanuc R-2000iA RJ3iB robot on servo controlled floor track for a total of seven axes of rotation. The sturdy R-2000iA industrial robot provides a 165kg payload and 2650mm horizontal reach.

  • Track Details: - Approximately 15 meters of travel.  Includes RJ3iB controls and teach pendant

  • Warranty - Covering parts and service for one year from date of shipment.

  • Training - Two days of free training at RobotWorx' facility.